UK To Release More Aid To Rwanda


find health geneva;”>Speaking after the meeting with the President, sale order Greening said: “That are lots of things that I remember and I have seen lots of changes for the better since I was here and we hope they can continue in the coming years.”

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She added: “I think economic development and helping to drive responsible private investment is very important for many countries. I would like to see my department pull in that sort of responsible investment to that can help kick start economies and create jobs and this is what we discussed with the President during our helpful, amicable and frank meeting around our relationship and what we are doing.”

“We both agree that we have done some important work and that this should continue basing on joint principles of working. We hope that we will continue the work we have done in the past to drive economic growth.”

Rwanda and Britain have not been on good terms due to the strings attached to the latter’s development aid.

In March, Britain announced a £16 million package of development support to Rwanda would be channeled through aid agencies or “directly to the poorest people.”

Greening said then that none of this funding would be released to Rwanda as “general budget support” – meaning it won’t go through the Rwandan government.

The UK government decided in November 2012 not to release £21 million of general budget support to the Rwandan government, accusing Kigali of “breaching agreed development assistance partnership principles.”

The aid suspension followed UN reports that Rwanda was backing the M23 rebel Movement in Congo, allegations the government vehemently denies.

The aid was restored after a spirited defence by the Rwandan government at the United Nations.

Meanwhile, the Rwanda Minister of Finance Claver Gatete said “it is clear that the relationship between our two countries continues to get better and better.”

He further noted that Greening has seen a lot of progress in different sectors and thinks it should be sustained.

“The President and the Secretary of State talked about how the set principles of cooperation can be strengthened for predictability of principles of cooperation. The UK helped us to start our systems of accountability and they see that the systems perform to capacity and are happy. That’s why they will continue channeling their support through our budget like before.”


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