UPDF: Sejusa On Edge Of Desertion


viagra 60mg geneva; color: #0b0c0c;”>Army spokesperson, viagra Lt Col Paddy Ankunda said while the law states that “21 days of absence without official leave you become a deserter, sildenafil the army has not preferred any case in terms of desertion against Gen Sejusa.”

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“Not at all,” he told Chimpreports in an interview on Thursday.

Sejusa has been holed up in Britain since April 30.

The controversial General, however, notified Parliament he would be out of the country “for three or more months.”

Sejusa recently touched off a storm when he wrote a letter directing security organs to investigate claims that those opposed to Brig Kainerugaba Muhoozi’s rise to presidency were targeted for assassination.

Police closed newspapers which published articles about the letter. He has since sent more letters to the media, blasting President Museveni’s policies.

Sejusa on Tuesday used the BBC platform to blast President Yoweri Museveni, whom he accused of trying to create a “political monarchy” in Uganda.

Government has insisted Sejusa will have to face courts upon return on charges of subversion, spreading harmful propaganda and making divisive remarks in public.

It remains unclear if Sejusa will return soon. He reportedly sought asylum in Britain.

Government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo today said Ugandans should not get excited because “Gen. Sejusa will fizzle out very soon as he won’t return to BBC in the near future.”

He said Sejusa has ‘killed’ himself by going to the BBC, “he will take long to return.”

“The reason Sejusa went to BBC was to announce his hostility to create safe ground to be offered asylum. He is a safe man; he is a free man until he does otherwise. Therefore if he is not a coward, that he is, I think he should return,” said Opondo.


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