PHOTOS: Riots In Kampala

there geneva;”>The military personnel have been deployed at strategic areas such as roundabouts, case government buildings and security installations; to reinforce anti-riot police in controlling the riotous crowds.

Police maintain presence near Metropole Hotel where Lukwago was expected to appear today

Police fired water cannons and tear gas to disperse hundreds of demonstrators, some of whom threw stones at security forces as they tried to breach barricades to reach the Constitutional Square and Central Police Station.

Police deploying in Kampala to contain rioters

A Kenyan national was reportedly shot during the chaos before being rushed to Mulago National Referral Hospital. Chimpreports was yet to independently confirm this report.

The military police were brought in to reinforce police to bring stability back to the city

However, a one Mohammed Kizito died after being knocked by a speeding truck registration number, UBS 005N, in Kisekka market.

Journalists covering the violent protests

Chimp Corps saw another youth lying in a pool of blood after being shot near Equatorial hotel.

The military police were brought in to reinforce police to bring stability back to the city

Roughly 2,000 police had earlier been stationed in Rubaga, Kasubi, Nakulabye, Old Kampala, Makerere and the city centre to control crowds before a siege on Lukwago’s residence could be lifted.

Tight security in Kampala

Hell broke loose after Lukwago’s supporters disagreed with police on the route he would use to access Metropole Hotel in Kololo, Kampala.

The military police were brought in to reinforce police to bring stability back to the city

Tensions hit boiling levels. Tempers flared. In a blink of an eye, police rolled teargas canisters thus dispersing the Mayor’s supporters.

The military personnel brandishing guns and batons

Lukwago was pulled out of his car and forced to embark a police van which sped off under tight security towards Kololo.

Police pursue rowdy youth near Kisekka market

However, Lukwago who had been exposed to teargas, fainted moments after arriving at the tightly-guarded hotel.

Police deploying in Kampala to contain rioters

He was rushed to Case Clinic in Kampala. Information about his health condition is still scanty.

Hours earlier, Police intercepted former FDC President Dr Kizza Besigye in Kikuubo area as he tried to sneak to Kisekka market to address a public rally.

He was immediately rushed to CPS where he was detained. It’s yet unclear whether he is still held there.

Boda boda riders keep close eye on the explosive downtown Kampala

FDC Women League boss, Ingrid Turinawe, who arrived at the police station as a sign of solidarity, was instructed to “leave this place now.” She obeyed.

Deputy Police spokesperson Patrick Onyango called for calm, saying “violence would not solve the youth’ grievances.”


Kisekka youth were seen hurling stones and metal objects which compelled police to use teargas to disperse them. Dozens of arrests have been made during the day. We are yet to establish the exact number.

Chaos in downtown Kampala

Realizing that it would take long to restore sanity, the chairman of Kisekka Market, Robert Kisembo announced the closure of the area until further notice.

The market, where the heaviest clashes took place, is now in the hands of military police.

Uganda has largely weathered the economic crisis that has swept through much of Europe and other African states, enjoying steady growth over the past decade but the rate at which youth are embracing violence underscores the dangers of growing levels of urban unemployment in the country.

Military police personnel taking positions near Watoto Church

Public transport was paralysed and business came to a standstill as traders chose to keep locks on their shops in fear of looting.

Protestors said summoning Lukwago to appear before a tribunal, which is investigating claims that his conduct has caused paralysis at Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA) , is a plot to “oust him from power yet we are the ones who elected him.”

By 2:00pm, security forces had managed to contain the violence. Security remains tight as military and police trucks patrol the city.

Story compiled by Giles Muhame, Micheal Nteza, Nixon Segawa and Badru Afunadula


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