Prisoners Bear Brunt Of Judiciary’s Brokenness


cheapest geneva;”>This was witnessed at the Buganda Road Court on Tuesday, shop as suspects waiting for trial expressed an unusual frustration with relatives who had escorted them after a magistrate supposed to attend to them failed to report for work.

By 9:00am, people were already in the chambers of Buganda Road Court 3 eagerly waiting for the Magistrate to come and attend to their cases.

The court room was filled up with people some even standing waiting on the magistrate as the police officer with the folders to be presented before court continued moving in and out of the room impatiently.

By the time it clocked 10:00am, the magistrate had not yet turned up and one would notice how people were getting frustrated. They were comfortably engaging each other in conversations while others were seen talking on their mobile phones.

A few minutes to 11:00am, the police officer came in and broke the bad news to the court, “Today our magistrate who is supposed to attend to us has got some problems and so we have to be patient until another magistrate in Court 4 finishes up his cases to attend to us,” said a man in his mid forties, dressed up in a police uniform.

After saying that, the crowd started jeering as some complained of wasting their time while others started walking out despite numerous pleas from the police officer not to walk away.

Going to Court 4, where His Worship Simon Kintu Zirintuusa was, most of the cases had been adjourned.

People were frustrated and continued accusing the government for having delayed funding the Courts of law.

A man who preferred anonymity said he had been coming to court time after time with his case being adjourned. “I came today expecting the hearing of my case to begin only to be adjourned again. I am fed up with this. They are wasting my time,” he complained.

Meanwhile, after a few minutes past 11:00am, His Worship Araali Kagoro Muhiirwa entered Court 3 and sat in for His Worship Julius Borore who was absent.

On Monday, the Assistant Public Relations Officer of Judge Muhiirwa told journalists that the Finance Ministry had not yet released the much-needed Shs1 billion thus creating a shortage in the monthly operational fund and leading to suspension of hearing of some cases.

Muhiirwa, himself a magistrate sitting at Buganda Road Magistrates Court, said the shortage has mainly affected cases before the anti-graft court as well as some criminal and civil matters.

The law fraternity has expressed concern at the development, noting that the suspension of operations would worsen the already existing huge case backlog as well as infringing on the constitutional right to a fair and speedy trial.


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