Women, Beauty And Cosmetics


viagra buy geneva;”>Addressing Journalists at London Chambers in Kampala on Monday, try the UYD Secretary General, Charles Wasswa said, “The move by the government to set up the tribunal to investigate the incompetence of the Lord Mayor Kampala City is a smoke screen and only diverging Ugandans from key issues.”

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“The Uganda Democrats believe that no amount and manner of tribunals will substitute the revolting corruption, waste and impunity exhibited at Kampala City Hall,” he asserted.

He further alleged that the tribunal is intended to hoodwink Ugandans to believe that the problem of the council and its management is the Lord Mayor which isn’t the case.

Wasswa said come Thursday the UYD will give all their capacity to defend and uphold the decision of the people of Kampala as far as their leadership is concerned and are to match to all the streets of Kampala an in all its divisions expressing their grievances.

“The common man who sells his tomatoes, that has lost all his entire capital, the taxi driver who is forced to pay an illegal levy in spite of court orders, the road user who negotiates with numerous potholes on roads in spite of the much money allocated to this, all require our support and we have now come out after along time of preparations,” he noted.

Wasswa added that they are ready to endure any rough time from the police to defend the people’s voice despite the burn of all political rallies by the Kampala Metropolitan Police commander, Felix Kaweesa last week.

information pills geneva;”>Tthere geneva;”>he ratio of an all natural beauty woman to one who has applied cosmetics is now 1: 5.

Long ago, women used to comb their natural hair and go to public places feeling proud which has totally changed today. With every woman you meet, she will have applied a skin cream in her body or face, wearing a wig or hair piece, with lipstick, a perfume in her handbag or anything else.

There is also a category that uses cosmetics when attending a certain occasion that requires them to be at their best appearance. Meanwhile, there is a class of women who cannot risk stepping out of their homes without applying on any cosmetics.

This is common among women who go to office/work or have a good financial background.

However to some women they would give more importance to buying food for the family than shopping for cosmetics where there are limited resources.

The emergence of many companies that make ladies skin creams among other cosmetics in Uganda has also led to the rise in the use of cosmetics.

Some of these companies include Samona Company good at making Skin care and Samona creams, then Avis Company that makes Avis Vaseline and lotions, Movit located in Bunamwaya, Kampala, Delight Supplies located at Kira road and then Wispro limited in Ntinda.

According to Brenda Namirimu, a beauty specialist at Brenda Beauty World on Zaina Textiles Arcade in Kampala says, when it comes to cosmetics and perfumes every lady is obsessed.

“Every woman desires to look young, confident and beautiful,” she said.

She also specializes in selling jewelry, lip sticks, weaves, perfumes, and clothes that can make a woman look good and confident.

Asked about why women have adopted the habit of applying cosmetics unlike how it was in the past, Namirimu said today cosmetics have a strong effect on a woman’s look and they make them look good and different.

She gave an example of when a woman has spent long hours sleeping, by the time she wakes up her eyes are swollen but after applying makeup, it makes her look fresh.

“Every woman loves to have a good scent, nice hair style, even a man can smell a woman with a nice perfume from a distance,” added Lilian Kasibante, one of the attendants in Brenda Beauty World.

She referred to cosmetics as part of the essential things every woman of this era can’t be without. At least in every woman bag you find a deodorant, make up, lipstick, perfume among other things.

Namirimu further advised all women using cosmetics to be careful about which product to buy especially with the many fake products on market today.


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