Commotion Among Taxi Drivers Associations


look geneva;”>Kampala Capital City Authority together with the Police in Kampala Monday morning locked up all entrances to the Old Taxi park demanding that every car that has not paid the monthly charge of Shs 120, page 000 not move out.

Several taxis were impounded and this caused a dangerous demonstration steered up by some taxi drivers sighting out that the charges that are demanded are unlawful which caused the police to fire tear gas at the angry mob.

However, several taxi drivers and conductors associations are arguing on whether to pay the fee or not although some have already paid.

A group led by Mayambala Mustapha of Drivers and Conductors Association (DACA) which is believed to have spear headed the demonstration said, ”Taxi drivers must not at any time pay the required charges since it is unlawful and only meant to defy the court orders.”

Mayambala added: “The High Court ordered that the taxi drivers should not pay charges not until they are passed through the council meeting organized by the Lord Mayor which hasn’t convened as yet.”

On the other hand, Yasin Ssematimba, Chairman Taxi Parks/ stage coordinator said, there is no way someone can work without paying any charges adding that taxi drivers must pay since KAAC as their landlord is mandated to take care of the responsibilities pertaining the taxi parks.

Ssematimba added that the Shs 120,000 monthly payment is little compared to the total of Shs 150,000 that was paid by drivers during the time when UTODA was in charge of the parks in Kampala.

He further noted that several drivers are now being misguided and misled by several politicians condemning the demonstration that was staged up on Monday leading to a standstill in transportation and causing disturbances to other business operators.

It should however be noted that the Lord Mayor who is meant to convene council meetings is being investigated upon by a Tribunal set up by the Kampala Minister, Frank Tumwebaze and this means the council meetings might take several months before being convened.


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