Media Urged To Voice Children's Concerns


malady geneva;”>Through its Executive Secretary, capsule Martin Kiiza, the Council has called upon all media stake holders to give issues concerning children a wide media coverage because they greatly contribute to national growth and development.

“Media should give a positive coverage to children and not only report negative events such as rape, defilement and murder,” he said while addressing the media on Monday.

“We should stress the issue of meaningful child hood participation in issues that help to foster the country growth,” added Kizza.

He noted that though the media is greatly commercialized, media houses should appreciate the need to advocate for the rights and responsibilities of children in Africa.

On the other hand, Kiiza called on all stake holders to join in the fight to round off and rehabilitate children from streets.

He said street life will never be a conducive environment for children and the government initiative to remove them from streets should be supported by all people.

Kiiza further condemned the act of giving money to street children noting that they don’t gain from the money but rather are exploited by those who stage them on streets.


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