Gen Sejusa Attacks Museveni On BBC


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symptoms geneva; font-size: small;”>Sejusa did not rule out contesting against Museveni in 2016.

“You cannot rule it out. Why would you? A General without ambition is something else,” charged Tinyefuza, who faces charges of spreading harmful propaganda and subversion among others upon return in Uganda.

Sejusa said Museveni was “playing God,” insisting, “enough is enough.”

He further said the President does not want to leave power. He termed this as an “unconstitutional project” that must be opposed.

This is the first interview Sejusa is giving in the wake of his letter that touched off a storm in Kampala last month.

He had asked security organs to investigate claims that those opposed to the idea of Special Forces Commander, Brigadier Muhoozi Kainerugaba rising to presidency were targeted for assassination.

The army has repeatedly denied the charge.

Gen Sejusa further said Museveni, with whom they fought in the NRA struggle that toppled the dictatorial regimes of Milton Obote and the military junta in 1986, was presiding over a “decadent system.”

“Who gave Mr Museveni the right to rule over us forever?” he wondered.

He also noted that Brig Kainerugaba represented a “national project of Mr Museveni to subvert the existing political system in order to perpetuate himself”.

“The central issue is a political monarchy – a life presidency and then transiting in a political monarchy,” he added.

Army spokesperson Lt Col Paddy Ankunda was not readily available for comment.

Sejusa said if his “ambitions can stop Museveni’s unconstitutional project, so be it,” adding, “President Museveni is using the army for political purposes.”


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