“God Can’t Cure HIV,” Northern Region Told


viagra 60mg geneva;”>The regional leaders from the several districts including Pader, about it Gulu, Kitgum, Agagao, Nwoya and Amuru together with DHOs were called upon to encourage all the sick people to follow the doctor’s guidelines by taking their prescribed drugs.

This comes after many churches and their leaders started to discourage their congregation to only believe in God’s healing and not take any drug from the hospital.

This was during a launch of another report by Uganda AIDS Commission on Monday titled “The Epidemic is rising Again, protect your child and your spouse,” at Bomah Hotel in Gulu.

Kitgum district chairperson, Luka Nyeko testified of his close friend who nearly died because he could not take the prescribed drugs with the excuse that his church did not allow it and only believed in God’s healing power.

“The Church should help us in fighting this epidemic – AIDS otherwise we shall lose the fight again,” said Nyeko.

Dr. Peter Mudiofe, Head of HIV prevention in Uganda AIDS Commission said they will meet all the religious leaders in a different forum to engage them on how to go about the issue.

“Most districts’ AIDS task forces are dead. Every district therefore has to wake up and build the task forces again,” added Dr Mudiofe.

Rev. Walter Kidega of Anaka church of Uganda

The meeting ended with a resolution that religious leaders would be focal persons in the fight and Acholi sub region to enact bylaw on social vulnerability like alcoholism and prostitution.

According to UNICEF’s statistics by 2011, Uganda had 7.2 percent of the Adult prevalence rate, 1400 people of all ages including 670 women and 190 children were living with HIV.

The number of children orphaned by AIDS was registered at 1100 by 2011.


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