UPDF General Warns Sejusa Against Rebellion

this web geneva;”>Uganda’s Defence Attaché in South Africa, cialis 40mg Steven Kashaka, remedy says Sejusa would not be at the rank of General if he was not “parachuted” through ranks by the same army which has borne the brunt of his verbal missiles.

“You will agree with me General that I joined this Revolution at the stage of FRONASA in 1979 during the war against Idi Amin while you were completing your LLB (Bachelors of Law) at Makerere (University),” recounted Kashaka on his official Facebook page.

“So being two years senior to you in the struggle, since you joined us in 1981 as a young Police officer at the stage of NRM/A, kindly accept my piece of advice.

“During the bush war, in 1981while I was commanding Lutta Unit and you commanding Kabalega Unit, you were parachuted to the rank of Member of High Command equivalent to Brigadier while some of us like Generals Pecos (Kutesa), Joram (Mugume) and myself who had done a one year O/CDT course at Monduli, commissioned as LTs (Lieutenants) and also commanded UNLA Units were made Senior Officers equivalent of Major and none of us complained or deserted. Life went on,” said Kashaka.

“So, talking about rapid promotions and parachutes, you were the first beneficially and it could not stop with you,” the Brigadier noted.

Kutesa says while it is not his habit to write articles, “I’ve been compelled to respond to the face book article attributed to you.”

“Sir, when shall we start respecting this revolution; treating it as our parent and begin addressing our personal issues to the right fora instead of fighting this younger generation officers whom we need to guide and sit behind as they consult us? At your age and mine what new ideas do we intend to provide?” wondered Kashaka.

Sejusa remains in exile after penning a controversial letter requesting an investigation into reports that army officers, including himself and government officials opposed to the idea of Muhoozi rising to Presidency are targeted for elimination.

The army vehemently denies the charge, saying such a plan has never existed.

UPDF accuses Sejusa of spreading harmful propaganda and making divisive remarks instead of addressing his issues in the proper forum.

But Sejusa continues to write controversial letters that have unsettled government and led to the temporary closure of some media houses.


In his post, Kashaka cautions Sejusa: “This is your second time going against the Revolution. We have not forgotten. General, have you heard about a one prisoner Kalungi who has come up with new information that all a long he has been supplying and administering drugs to big people here hopefully you exclusive?”

“Is it not total madness for you to even claim a following of 28,549 UPDF officers in your subversive activities? UPDF is a politically awake Force. No one will follow you.”

In 1997 when the Kony war was at its peak, Sejusa tried to resign from the army.

He claimed harassment by UPDF leaders because of his testimony to a parliamentary committee that was investigating the causes of the Kony war.

He went on to say army bosses were corrupt and inefficient – the very reason the insurgency in northern Uganda was taking long to come to an end.

However, the president refused to release him from the UPDF, saying the general had not fully complied with UPDF’s conditions of service.

Tinyefuza Challenged this in the Constitutional Court in 1997 claiming he had ceased being a soldier when he was appointed a presidential advisor on military affairs in 1993 and won the case.

His victory was short-lived because the state successfully appealed to the supreme court which overturned the constitutional court’s ruling.

He was contained and retained in the army, a move that later saw the embattled general reconcile with the commander-in-chief.

Kashaka tells Sejusa to “Come back to your senses, say sorry and help in the debate of determining our retirement package and soft landing civilian jobs while we guide the younger blood.”


The Defence attaché also sarcastically congratulates Sejusa upon his “successful transition from an old Tinyefuza to a now Born Again Sejusa.”

Kashaka noted: “We have not met since the famous transition. Hope you did it carefully and legally so it doesn’t put your wonderful and admirable CV into trouble with the Electoral Commission in future since you intend to compete for higher political offices of the land.”

“Be informed Sir, that you are not the first person to undergo under that wonderful transition on planet Earth. Saint Paul in the wholly bible, also did the same on his way to Damascus while on an uphill mission of fighting Christianity which war he lost miserably with an eye sight causality, repented and joined the organization he was fighting. Read St Luke.”

Now Brigadier, Kashaka commanded the 5th battalion which was tasked to guard one side of Katonga while Pecos Kutesa protected the other.

It is said Kutesa and Kashaka’s battalions played a vital role in the annihilation of UNLA before NRA seized the strategic Katonga and later Kampala.

The same battalion, but under Kashillingi was later to seize Entebbe Airport in 1986.


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