Mpigi Accident: American Victims Named

lwengo accidents

story geneva; font-size: small;”>They are Steven Bradford and George Hutchinson. The driver of a Land Cruiser brand car in which they were travelling, Joseph Muwonge, also perished in the accident.

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Eyewitnesses said Police, which was based at least 3 kilometers away, delayed to arrive at the scene as the trio bled profusely.

Bradford, who desperately fought for his life, died as he was being carried by Good Samaritans on Gen Elly Tumwiine’s pickup truck to a nearby hospital.

The incident occurred at around 4pm when the car carrying the Americans had a head-on collision with a Kampala-bound truck.

Residents struggled to pluck the victims from the blood-spattered wreckage of the trucks.

The highway has in recent weeks registered several accidents in which dozens of lives have been lost.


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