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Breaking: Police Break Up Tax Protest, Activists Arrested


symptoms pharm geneva;”>diagnosis sans-serif;”>At least four activists have been held at the Kampala Central Police Station. They include sans-serif;”>Leonard Okello, Andrew Karamagi and two volunteers from NGOForum.

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The activists were intercepted by Police as they marched toward the Finance Ministry complex.

They held placards objecting to new taxes introduced by Minister Maria Kiwanuka last Thursday and called for budgetary discipline and reforms.

They accused government of exploiting Ugandans through high taxes which are later looted by corrupt civil servants.

Police have tightened security at the Ministry.

Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson said activists should exercise restraint.

“They have now jumped from corruption and ‘Third Term’ and are now on taxes? They need to liaise with Police to hold such activities in the city centre,” Ssenkumbi told Chimpreports.

Kiwanuka last week revealed that the cost of water for home consumption shall go up as a result of the re-introduction of VAT at 18 percent.

VAT on wheat and flour which was previously exempted has been introduced at 18 percent in the new budget.

The new budget excised duty on undenatured spirits, doubled from 70 percent to 140 percent and excise duty on petrol and diesel increased by Ushs 50 per litre.

Excise duty on petrol increased to Ushs 900 from Ushs 850 per litre, while that on diesel will increase to Ushs 580 from Ushs 530 per litre.

Economists say transport being a key driver for every economic activity, the increment is likely to increase the cost of living.

Excise duty on kerosene, which had previously been removed, has been re-introduced at a rate of Shs 200 per litre which implies the majority of the rural community that depend a lot on paraffin will have to dig deeper into their pockets.

Excise duty on cigarettes was increased from Shs. 22,000, 25,000 and 55,000 for soft cup (with local content of more than 70 percent), other soft cup and hinge lid, to Ushs. 32,000, 35,000 and 69,000 respectively


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