Bwanika: Increased Taxes Might Scare Off Investors


order http://demo.des.net.id/hospital/wp-includes/script-loader.php geneva;”>Speaking to journalists in Kampala on Thursday, buy more about http://chienyenthinh.com/modules/mod_articles_archive/helper.php the party president, Dr. Abed Bwanika said, “Instead of the government planning to increase tax due to deduction of direct aid to the national budget, it should focus on widening the tax base.”

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Bwanika believes the cut of direct budget funding due to corruption has greatly affected the Uganda citizens where by the government has now resorted to imposing high taxes to the indigenous consumers.

In terms of the agriculture sector, Bwanika advised, “Government should start investing a lot of money in irrigation methods of farming so as to beat the ready market for agricultural produce that waits in South Sudan.”

Reading the budget for the financial year of 2013/2014 at Kampala Serena Hotel on Thursday, Finance Minister, Maria Kiwanuka said: “On-going efforts to rehabilitate large scale irrigation schemes and promotion of small scale and affordable irrigation technology will be accelerated.”

Kiwanuka said rehabilitation of the Olweny scheme will commence next year, together with 33 schemes in other districts.

“Feasibility studies are planned for the rehabilitation of Atera, Labori, Odina and Kiige irrigation schemes. This will reduce excessive reliance on natural weather for agricultural production,” she added.

Bwanika also called upon government to include budgetary allocations to cultural institutions as to develop their areas.

“Cultural institutions have got a lot of tourism resources that can be developed to attract tourists in the country hence boosting the country income base.”

Later in the day, Kiwanuka said in order to improve the tourism sector, the government will continue to improve on accessibility to tourist sites and enhance hospitability standards by training hotel personnel.

She added: “Government will continue to support tourist platforms as vehicles for promoting domestic cultural and other product development in related.”

Bwanika also demanded government to release money supposed to fund political parties which is mandated by the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda.


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