Otunnu Attacks Museveni Over Lukwago Impeachment Plan

Elias Lukwago

order http://croxtontechnology.com/components/com_k2/views/itemlist/view.json.php geneva;”>“Our strongest support is in the hands of the elected leader of Kampala City Mayor and the president should respect the choice of the people who entrusted the city in the hands of Elias Lukwago, check http://crememinceur.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/custom-content-types.php ” said Olara Otunnu UPC party president.

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Otunnu said Museveni has been working tooth and nail to fail Lukwago in all his endeavors and attribute all blame to the mayor for poor service delivery.

“Museveni did not appoint Lukwago and he has no mandate to remove him but the people who elected him are the ones endowed with the mandate when the right time comes to remove him through clear electoral process,” he added.

Otunnu added that Museveni has never given the Lord Mayor an exercise and implement to prosecute his vision for the entire city.

He further noted: “The fight over Kampala is about looting the assets of the city, land and money hence fighting the Lord Mayor’s administration that is trying to resist the looting project.”

“If one leader in Uganda deserves to be impeached for corruption, incompetence, repletion, for not delivering to the people of this country, for lying, rooming the education and the health system that person is called Museveni not Elias Lukwago,” affirmed Otunnu.

Councillors recently petitioned Parliament seeking the ousting of Lukwago and allowing Museveni to take over Kampala due to wrangling between the Mayor and KCCA Executive Director, Jeniffer Musisi.

A committee has since been formed to investigate the matter and advise the President accordingly.


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