Uganda Ranks High In Child Labor


buy geneva;”>Minister for Labor, website like this Gender and Social Development, pilule Rukia Nakadama has on Wednesday said, “Uganda records the highest concentration of working children.”

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“Western Uganda ranks over 55.7 percent, Eastern and Central parts of Uganda at 53 percent and Northern Uganda at 45.4 percent,” she added.

She said this shows that the number of working children is still high.

Children’s rights are violated everyday in many aspects including child labor, denying children a right to education, over working them among others.

Nakadama noted that parents are the prime cause of child labor especially those who abandon their responsibilities such as sending children to school, caring about them, sending them to work as domestic workers in return for small payments.

“This mainly caused by the high levels of poverty among families.”

She noted of children who work in mining places, quarrying stones for money and at times lose their lives.

She has however, promised to put up a labor inspection team that will be looking for people who over work children in homes and parents that fail to take their children to school.

Nakadama gave an example of introduction of UPE programme in 1997 for all children of Uganda to get educated for parents not to give an excuse of poverty.

She has called upon all the parents and stake holders to come up and stop child labor.


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