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Drugs: Justice For Iryn Namubiru As Cops Arrest Manager


health http://citizenspace.us/wp-admin/includes/plugin-install.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 115%;”>Interpol Director Asan Kasingye told Chimpreports on Tuesday that Kim was arrested on Monday night in a sting operation led by detectives in Kampala. page geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 115%;”>

“Yes, I can confirm we have Kim in our custody. We suspect him of dealing in narcotics and other prohibited drugs,” said Kasingye.

The arrest marks the end of the fugitive manager’s hunt following suspicions that he is a notoriously elusive drug dealer.

Namubiru recently issued a statement regarding the controversy surrounding her alleged arrest in Japan amid fears the saga was designed as a media stunt to pull crowds ahead of her upcoming music concert.

Below is Namubiru’s recent confession on events that preceded her arrest in Japan.

My Manager was contacted in the first week of April 2013 by Dr. Hilderman allegedly acting on behalf of a one Kiim Ueno a.k.a Hakeem Tumwesigye/Charles Tumwesigye, a Tokyo based music promoter, for a performance on May 4, 2013 at Yotsukaido Cultural Hall. My Manager negotiated and signed on my behalf a performance contract on April 16, 2013 and the promoter mailed on the same day to my manager an air ticket for me to travel to Japan on May 2, 2013.

The promoter emailed to my Manager the posters advertising the show. The posters had three artistes for the show namely myself, Dr. Hilderman and OJ Michael.

However the final poster only had my pictures.

On the day of my departure (May 2, 2Q13) and an hour prior to my departure to the airport, my Manager calledand informed me that the promoter wanted me to carry some things him to Japan if I had extra space and that if I exceeded my baggage allowance, the promoter was willing to pay for the extra kilos.

I objected, saying that I do not carry things I do not know. My Manager indicated to me that it was foodstuff and two framed photos, one of the Kabaka of Buganda and the other the President of Uganda. I requested that it be sniffed by a police dog.

My Manager asked and we met at Stella, Najjannakumbi in front of ZAAB supermarket where he delivered an orange suitcase to me. My Manager opened the suitcase on the back seat of my car and I saw a Maganjo Maize Flour, Coffee beans, a tin of RoycoMuchuzi mix, two packets of coffee beans, tow tins of peanut paste, two ‘tins of ghee wrapped in a traditional dress (Kikooyi).

I drove to the airport and checked in normally and left the country abode an Emirates Airline flight EK730 bound for Dubai. In Dubai, I change flights to an Emirates Airline connecting flight EK318 to Narita Airport, Japan. I was to be picked from the airport by the said Kiim Ueno a.k.a Hakeem Tumwesigye/Charles Tumwesigye, also the person to whom the luggage was to be delivered.

Upon arrival on May 4, 2013, I was given two declaration forms, one for customs (yellow) and the other for immigration (white). On my customs form, I declared that I had been given things to deliver for someone in Japan. Airport procedure required that everyone carrying baggage for delivery to another in Japan be checked.

I proceeded to be checked and 91% Methamphetamine (also known as crystal meth) drugs were discovered concealed in the orange suitcase as well as in the photo frames after a laboratory scan.

I was then arrested after which I recorded a statement with the Japanese police before being transferred in the morning to Chiba police Headquarters detention center.

On May 5, 2013, I appeared and recorded another statement before the Prosecutor.

In the 20 days that followed I went through interrogations from three different departments namely the police, customs officers and the Prosecutor.

I was offered two government lawyers with whom I interacted during my detention.

There was also a private Japanese lawyer hired by Balaam Barugahare, of Balam Marketing and Promotions Agency to act as a link with my family and friends in Uganda.

• The lawyers were to commence working with you upon indictment by the prosecutor.

However I was never indicted because there was abundant evidence showing that even though I carried the baggage I was completely uninvolved with any drug baron or gang. Rather the Japanese authority had prior notice of the shady dealings in Japan of the said Kiim Ueno a.k.a Hakeem Tumwesigye/Charles Tumwesigye, and that other artist had unknowingly fallen victim of same promoter.

The Japanese authorities conducted a thorough scientific investigation and found and declared me innocent. I was never charged of any crime, never produced in any court and I do not have any criminal history in any country. I was proven to be drug free.

On May 21, 2013 I was summoned as a witness in a criminal trial against the Kiim Ueno a.k.a Hakeem Tumwesigye/Charles Tumwesigye for the offence of attempting to smuggle drugs into Japan. On May 24, 2013 at 9.30 amJapanense time, I testified in court against Kiim Ueno a.k.a Hakeem Tumwesigye/Charles Tumwesigye in a video and audio recorded proceedings.

After my testimony in court, I went back to the prosecutor’s office and made a final statement confirming my testimony and I,was asked if I thought my life and that of my family was safe in Uganda and France and if I needed any protection. I indicated that I was worried for the safety of my Manager who knew more than I did on the process described about.

Freedom at last

I was declared free and released on May 24, 2013 at 6.00pm Japan time but one member of my family was informed through the French Embassy in Japan earlier in the day. I wanted to inform my fans and family personally. I was free to stay in Japan until the expiry of my visa and I was provided protection until my departure.

The Japanese authorities asked me to notify them if I needed any legal assistance while in Uganda. I am free to travel in and out of Japan at any time.

I want to per.sonally thank the Ugandan and French Embassy in Japan, the French Embassy in Uganda, the Uganda community in Japan especially Mr. SwaibSsekamate. I thank my family, friends, fans, fellow artists, Balaam Barugahare, and all who stood by me. I also want to thank the Uganda Police Force, INRERPOL, Uganda and religious leaders for their support.

I have already testified against Kim Ueno and will not be returning for his trial in Japan if apprehended.

I ask the media to respect my privacy and to stop disseminating false information given the sensitivities of the matter. I will instruct my lawyers to pursue legal proceedings against anyone who has been defaming or who continues to publish ant defamatory information about me. I will make no further comments at this time.


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