Bp. Zac Must Remove Hazy Lenses To Appreciate Progress In Uganda


viagra geneva;”>He was dismissing with contempt the Heroes Day and with utter arrogance – demonizing dignitaries and all those grateful citizens, veterans and their loved ones;

the liberated and liberators who attended and indeed celebrated the day (see –

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Yet he was enabled to attend the function through a media that was liberalized by the NRM leaders he continues to without convincing reasons castigate at every opportunity – and now on Facebook! For this particular event, he was glued on NTV. What a contradiction?

Well, being part of the 92% of a religious Uganda, I tend to be reluctant to engage fiercely with agents of God on Earth- those that wear robs– especially on partisan debates. But for Bishop Zac, he is retired and now a self-confessed activist – of what? I don’t fully know.

He has been jumping from issue to issue. He started with school feeding, – then to every topical issue including Heroes day. He has even with vehemence, sought to hijack the agenda of groups like Black Monday that are well intentioned, especially on fighting the vice of corruption – though their tactics have sometimes been diabolic.

Listening to his diatribes, over time, I have been left to conclude that he is a political activist. Now Zac Ruzaaza Niringiye, the political activist, bent on promoting theocracy and not democracy should be engaged with full force and be asked to account for his public statements and actions.

In his Facebook comment, he says Heroes day re-enacted a sad narrative of Uganda’s history! What did he really mean by Uganda’s sad history? True, Uganda has had a sad history- a history we are consistently recovering from.

Like I said before, we must remember and cherish our history but we must not be trapped by it. Bishop Zac, with deliberate intent, tends to insinuate that President Museveni is responsible for Uganda’s sad history- really?

Is President Museveni responsible for the chilling havoc caused by former President Milton Obote or rather the worst dictator of global proportions Field Marshal Iddi Amin Dada whose ideology sought to subjugate, humiliate, and exterminate.

It perpetrated murder on a massive scale, fueled by a hatred of those who were deemed different in opinion and belief. In 1986, President Museveni and his team of liberators emerged from the bushes to find everything from economy, security, social and political liberties six feet under. Deep in the soil.

They worked to bring freedoms, security and the economy to the surface (recovery) and are all now growing at a speed envied by most neighbors.

Those heroes, those liberators remind us, and especially the young generation – that our future is not shaped by mere chance or circumstance- but rather by a sum of hard choices and action.

We must carry the legacy of selflessness and service forward. Should such Heroes who made that choice and contribution- and continue to do so be demonized, or they should rather be revered and appreciated.

I think Bishop Zac, is a lone ranger on this. Whereas we may not agree on every issue, we surely must respect each other.

You see, it is a patriotic practice in all civilized democracies to remember and celebrate those who sacrificed – put their lives on wire, shed blood for objectives bigger than their being.

For example, every year, Americans remember those who lost their lives on 9/11 when the world Trade Center smoldered down to ashes. USA presidents’; British and Canadian leaders continue to visit Normandy, France to pay homage and pray for heroes who were massacred during the second world war – 69 years ago (D-Day anniversary). Scandinavian countries continue to praise their Vikings heroes.

Is this new to Bishop Zac Niringiye- or he is desperate to pick political capital from strange places? It is simply uncouth to dance on graves of those who fought to liberate this land. It is even heinous for one to fail to appreciate and revere those who against all odds made it out of the jungles – for us.

For Bishop Zac Niringiye to say that ‘most Ugandan’s live on the edge- and simply surviving and therefore such celebrations don’t make sense for them’ is therefore an act of dishonesty, revisionism, a lie and unreasoned generalization.

If by ‘simply surviving on the edge’ Bishop Zac- meant that majority Ugandans are poor – then he has some crosschecking to do. The truth which Bishop Zac and perhaps his adherents know – is that poverty in Uganda is reducing at a rate faster than our sister countries in Eastern Africa.

According to the latest International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank (WB) Global Monitoring Report 2013, Kenya’s poverty head count stands at 43.37 per cent against Uganda’s 38.01 per cent using the poverty cut-off point of $1.25 per person.

Tanzania stands at 67.87 per cent; Rwanda poverty stands at 63.17 per cent while in Burundi it is at 81.32 per cent. The poverty level scoring was based on the number of people living below $1.25 a day.

Previous studies have used $1 daily but that has since been replaced with the higher amount. If these statistics were published by a Ugandan agency, the likes of Bishop Zac would claim that they are cooked and President Museveni bribed the agencies! Yes, 38.1% are still poor – this is a challenge we must all work together to reverse.

I would be glad if the Bishop was articulating alternative views or inviting a dialogue on how to push poverty levels to zero.

Remember, it is un-elucidated statements like the foregoing that made politicians like Dr.Kizza Warren Besigye and Dr. Abed Bwanika lose the little shine they had with people of Uganda.

Ugandans looked at their rants as hate speech and angry salvos devoid of concrete evidence based policy options that Ugandans care about. And as you know, Ugandans are awake and no one should abuse their ingenuity.

If you for example, say ‘Ugandans are surviving and living on the edge’- what do you actually mean? I would for example want to know the position of Bishop Zac Niringiye on important and contentious bills that are being debated in Uganda Parliament.

What is his position of Biosafety and Biotechnology Bill? What is his position on Marriage and divorce bill? What is his position on Anti -Homosexuality bill?


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