South Sudan

Gen Kiir Slams Bashir On Rebel Claims


prescription geneva;”>President Kiir who was responding to statements made by the Sudan’s President Omar el Bashir last Saturday, viagra said South Sudan has more serious demands to attend to other than to support rebels in a foreign country.

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“If we have money, we have a lot of services that our people need. Our people need roads so that they can connect to each other. They need hospitals, schools and clean drinking water. We cannot leave these demands and buy guns to support their rebels”, President Kiir told the press at the State House in Juba on Monday evening.

President Omar el Bashir was reported to have ordered his oil minister to shut down the pipelines carrying South Sudan’s oil “if it [South Sudan] does not stop supporting the rebels of Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF) fighting his government in the states of South Kordofan and Blue Nile.

Quoting a famous Arabic proverb, President Kiir said Bashir is behaving like someone who slaps you; he goes crying and later accuses you of having fought him.

Sudan, he said is supporting rebels of Yau Yau and many others that have already taken up government amnesty.

The President explained that weapons that were brought in by the militia leader General Jonathan Olony who heeded to his amnesty, among others, testify to Khartoum’s support to rebels to destabilize South Sudan.

He wondered how Khartoum can be accusing South’s of supporting its rebels.

President Kiir said Sudan’s accusation of the South’s support to rebels fighting in the Sudanese territory is a mere attempt to derail the implementation of the September Cooperation Agreements.

He urged his northern counterpart to use the already established mechanisms within the Cooperation Agreement to channel any complaint “if at all he has credible complaint against the government of the Republic of South Sudan”.

Furthermore, he said the decision to prevent South Sudan’s oil from transiting through Sudan to the international markets seriously undermines the September peace pact and the implementation matrix.

Since no official notification has been addressed to the government of South Sudan, President Kiir said his government will remain committed to the unconditional implementation of the Cooperation Agreement.

President Bashir’s utterances, President Kiir said are a test to the African Union High Implementation Panel, which is the main broker of the September Agreement as well as the United Nation Security Council.


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