Google Moves In To Protect Children


cost find geneva;”>This was revealed by Dorothy Ooko; Google’s Communication Manager for East and Francophone Africa noted that in these days of the internet, shop security is a growing concern and further noted that protecting children online is a priority.

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“In a context where the Internet community is increasing in leaps and several billion pages are uploaded to the web every day, it’s hard to keep track of everything that’s out there. Protecting children online is a priority, and similar to teaching a child to ride a bike or drive a car, we should be helping them learn how to navigate the online world,” stressed Ooko.

She therefore noted that keeping computers in a central place and knowing where the children go online and helping them search safely would help to protect the children.

“If you have young children, you might use the Internet with them. For older children you can talk about what kinds of sites they like to visit and what isn’t appropriate for your family.

You can also check where your kids have been by looking at the history in your browser menu. A good option is to use filtering tools like Google Safe Search, which is designed to screen sites that contain sexually explicit content and remove them from your search results,” noted Ooko.

The Google Communication Manager for East and Francophone Africa therefore noted that children should be taught how to communicate responsibly and Internet safety as they need to know how to use the internet safely and responsibly when they grow older.

“At Google we know how important it is to protect and educate young people on using the internet and want to provide all of our users with a safe experience,’” stressed Ooko.

The International Day of the African Child was first established by the Organization of the African Unity in 1991 and aims at raising awareness for the situation of children in African, and on the need for continuing improvement in education.


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