Kagame: Rwanda Will Remain “Defiant Against Injustice”


website like this geneva;”>“Why can’t we work to be self reliant on an individual, what is ed community and national basis? We cannot wait to be given development, diagnosis we must give ourselves our dignity, do what we can today and work to find solutions,” said Kagame.

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The President made the remarks while meeting over 400 opinion leaders from Northern Province during the Citizen Outreach at Musanze on Monday evening.

“They told us our neighbors was our enemy, told us to kill each other, took our resources and gave some of it to us as aid; they ordered developing nations to do as they were told to ensure that they remained dependent…and we accepted it,” said Kagame.

“Developed nations then looked back on developing nations trying to develop and ordered them to remain where they were. Those who today have developed nations all started from somewhere, worked hard and achieved results. We all wish for a better life for ourselves and future generations. No one should stand in the way of this.”

He added: “It all starts in the mind. If you believe in your ability to improve your life, it will happen. Let us work together to take Rwanda where it deserves to be. Let us not be afraid to face even the hardest of challenges and find solutions together.”

Kagame said it is not enough to have results, “we must work hard, aim high and achieve the highest targets.”

In recent years, Kagame has ratcheted up rhetoric against reliance on foreign aid and accused his countrymen of not doing enough to uplift their living conditions.

Rwanda hugely relies on foreign aid for her development programmes.

Recent western aid suspensions affected the performance of the economy and laid back government’s development projects.

“Let us build on the dignity of our nation and only move forward…you each have your role to play,” said Kagame.

Earlier, the Governor of Northern Province, Aime Bosenibamwe said the area had raised 400 million RWF for the eradication of thatched roof houses.


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