Gen Sejusa Under Fire


pharmacy geneva;”>Katumba said Ugandans shouldn’t get worried of the Sejusa dossier which he said was aimed at creating divisions in the army, adding, “These allegations are not true.”

“Sejusa saga is not causing any cracks or divisions in the army; the UPDF is still as unified and stronger as before the sagas rose.”

Sejusa recently touched off a storm when he called for an investigation into reports that government and army officials opposed to the idea of Brigadier Muhoozi Kainerugaba Muhoozi succeeding his father, President Yoweri Museveni, were targeted for assassination.

The army has since threatened to arrest and prosecute Sejusa making divisive remarks, spreading harmful propaganda and sowing seeds of anarchy.

Newspapers which had carried Sejusa’s letter were temporality shut won.

Nevertheless, Katumba said Sejusa’s controversies “can’t have any negative impact on the operations and the work of the UPDF in the country and the state will remain secure and stable.”

On the other hand, the CDF said the Army is still relevant in the Parliament and its representation should not be questioned.

Katumba said individual indiscipline and failure to deliver in the Parliament should be taken to be institutional but quickly added the contributions of the UPDF MPs are always felt in the different committees.

“Yes you may not see us on the floor very often but we do a brilliant work in guiding different committees and offering information to what transpires in Parliament to the different soldiers who are deployed in different places who don’t have time to interact with the other members of Parliament.”


Meanwhile, Katumba has vowed to continue cracking down on cases of indiscipline in the UPDF.

He said the army is not going to be sympathetic with any indisciplined officer. “There have been some indiscipline acts in the army like the Bombo shooting by private Okot Patrick and the Luzira incident of Herbert Rwakihembo which have been dealt with seriously in the court martial,’’ noted Katumba.

He therefore called upon whoever is in UPDF to be disciplined putting it clear that without discipline there is no force.

The remarks come shortly after the court martial sentenced Private Okot Patrick to 95 years in jail for killing 9 people and injuring others.


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