Gen Muntu Attacks Museveni


decease http://chattytalk.com/includes/classes/captcha.class.php sans-serif; font-size: small; line-height: 115%;”>To many the speech was just political rhetoric, case and to opposition Forum for Democratic Change it never was a State of Nation address whatsoever.

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The leading national opposition party intends to call upon the parliament through the leader of opposition to put the president’s speech to more rigorous scrutiny for it to pass for a state of nation address.

While addressing the press on Monday at the party headquarters in Kampala, FDC president (Rtd) Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu depicted Museveni’s address as a “continuation of that long chain of lies to the country.”

He highlighted the 2001 experience where Museveni told the nation and wrote in his manifesto that he was seeking to lead Uganda for the last time in office.

“Since then he has not told the truth to teachers, health workers, professors and all Ugandans. At this rate deception and corruption could turn out to be the most enduring legacy of his presidency,” said Muntu.

“What the president should be telling Ugandans,” said Muntu, “is what he has done to build the pillars of state, what progress he has made and when he hopes to complete his undertaking.”

“He has told the story of our economic growth for the last two decades, but this is not our main point of contention. What we contest and what he continues to run away from in all his state of nation addresses is what economic growth means to the ordinary Ugandans?”

“What does the increase in revenue collection mean to the 83 percent of unemployed youths and how many jobs has his government created over the last financial year.”

President Museveni reassured Ugandans in the Thursday address that “in the next 50 years certainly Uganda will be a first world country and a middle income country by 2017.”

Trying to convince the populace, according to Muntu, that in the next four years the income per capita would leap from $450 to the targeted $9,500 only symbolized something wrong either with Ugandans, or the President himself.

He also noted that the president had become an expert not in solving problems facing the country, but in blaming others for his failures.

“Leadership by deception and blaming your failures on others has never been a formula for transformation of a nation,” charged Muntu.

A noticeably irritated Muntu further decried the increasing onslaught on free speech, attacks on media, continued harassment of organized civil society and the pushback on progressive and independent minded MP’s all of which he classified as a clear manifestation of democratic reversals.

He thus called upon the president to make use of his remaining three years in office to redirect his actions and salvage his “ever deteriorating legacy as the longest serving president of Uganda.”


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