South Sudan

Juba Warns Khartoum Against Oil Pipeline Shutdown

information pills purchase geneva;”>Speaking to the press in Juba after an emergency meeting, Dr. Barnaba Marial Benjamin, South Sudanese minister of Information and Broadcasting said South Sudan’s Council of Ministers will continue with discussions till June 10, when a statement will be issued.

President Omar el Bashir is reported to have issued the warnings on Saturday while inaugurating an electricity plant in Shil’ab area of Khartoum.

He allegedly accused the government of South Sudan of supporting rebels of Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF) fighting his government in the states of South Kordofan and Blue Nile.

“The oil of South Sudan will not pass through Sudan ever again,” the Sudanese media quoted President Bashir as having said.

Dr. Marial who is also South Sudan’s government spokesman, warned of environmental consequences should Khartoum go ahead to implement a sudden oil shutdown without involving authorities in South Sudan.

“The pipelines within South Sudan are owned by South Sudan and the rest by Sudan; ordering a shutdown, there are agreements and technical issues that need a time frame. Any abrupt shutdown can cause a “back pressure” on the pipelines consequently resulting into an oil spill,” said Dr. Benjamin.

Khartoum last year shut down the oil pipelines, bringing the economies of both countries to their knees.

Benjamin said South Sudan will continue to implement the Cooperation Agreement as agreed by the two countries. Dr. Benjamin urged the African Union High Implementation Pannel (AUHIP), the African Union Peace and Security Council (AUPSC) as well as the UN Security Council to take note of such threatening statements.

Dr. Benjamin said since the resumption of oil production in early March, South Sudan has pumped about 6 million barrels of oil into Sudan territory destined for the international market.

In the same press briefing, Col. Philip Aguer, South Sudan’s Army spokesman also accused the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) of violating the Cooperation Agreement by crossing into South Sudan’s territory on Saturday. Col. Aguer said the Sudanese Army was sighted in Kuake in South Sudan’s Upper Nile state.

He called the incursion “unacceptable” and said the government of the Republic of South Sudan will launch an official complaint to the African Union about it.


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