Angella Katatumba's Supernatural Girl Hits 80,000 Views On Youtube


treat http://debiontheweb.com/wp-content/plugins/podpress/podpress_functions.php geneva;”>After years of trying to get her English, internationally targeted music played on local radio stations in Uganda in vain, Angella resorted to posting her songs on YouTube, which is a global stage and market for all musicians.

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YouTube is a worldwide stage with no language preferences or prejudices. On YouYube, a song or video is simply judged on merit.

A few weeks ago, Angella posted her latest Supernatural Girl song on YouTube and it has hit a shocking over 80,000 views.

The Supernatural Girl song is about Angella’s personal experience in her failed 8 year marriage to an African American man who was formerly in the US AIRFORCE and it’s also about her challenges doing music as a local musician singing in English in Uganda.

It is a relatable high tempo, positive and inspirational song that basically tells one to never give up when faced with challenges but to instead pray, keep your head up high, keep moving and you’ll make it through – which is clearly a true testament to Angella’s life.

The local radio stations’ refusal to play Angella’s songs tell a lot about Uganda’s music industry, with many fearing it could be biased and rocked by prejudices.

“Why are some of our greatest musicians under looked because they dare to be different? Angella, Keko and Navio have proved to us that local musicians can sing in English and can excel on a global stage. So why aren’t we supporting and promoting them more?” wondered a music expert.

The likes of Angella, Keko and Navio have taken RnB and Hip Hop to greater heights but local media stations’ refusal to promote their works have encouraged the artistes to use wider international platforms to sell their brands.


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