Peter Miles: The Tale Of Amnesia Girls

viagra sale http://codesiconsulting.com/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/modules/textarea.php geneva;”>And he is very confident that his presence in any social place is always celebrated, healing most especially by chics.

So he rather not move with one because he will always find good company.

Miles in action with a female fan

And this is exactly what happened a couple of days ago at Amnesia, a Kampala nightclub.

He stormed the hangout at around 11:00am in company of male friends.

Miles smiles at a fan

And before he could settle for his wine, a bevy of girls had pushed towards a table reserved for the singer.

Skimpily-dressed girls were seen pushing revelers not only to have a glimpse of the star but also feel his hug.

This is how Miles rocks

The generous and social artiste smiled and appeared comfortable as he hugged and exchanged pleasantries with the girls.

As the dancehall ‘caught fire’ Miles joined his fans and danced away the night.

That’s how the Muwala hit sensation rocks.


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