Ssekandi: Uganda Foreign Military Expeditions Blessed By God


nurse geneva; font-size: small;”>He noted that God used Uganda’s brothers and sisters to put an end to its bad history during the 70’s and 80’s, approved replacing it with hope dignity and a promising future, and that it was about time for Uganda to return the favor.

“African brothers and sisters led by the Late Mwalimu Julius Nyerere, who assisted us at the time of need, emulated Jesus Christ who was willing to give everything to save human kind,” he said.

He added that the search for human dignity is a collective responsibility where African brothers and sisters, are expected to offer a helping hand towards this shared human objective.

“The Uganda Government, therefore, finds it important to share its gift of dignity with any deserving brothers and sisters across the African continent. This explains why we were first Country to send troops to the no-go-zone, that Somalia was.”

The Vice President was recently speaking to a team of delegates that flew in to partake in the cerebration of 50 years of the All African Conference of Churches, an ecumenical body that unites over 140million believers from 41 African countries.

The golden jubilee event will take place on Saturday at the Common wealth complex in Munyonyo, under the theme “God of Life, Lead Africa to Justice, Peace and Dignity,” and president Museveni is expected as the main celebrant

Ssekandi stressed that the dignity that the people of Uganda enjoy today not only belongs to Ugandans but also to others and the entire human race. He a however admitted challenges faced by government in the self proclamation as God fearing.

“In making reference to the journey we have made as a Country, I recognize that there still challenges in our midst. The NRM Government is nonetheless determined to ensure that these challenges that include poor infrastructure, energy and Corruption are addressed.”

”In this regard our President will always remind us that it is does not glorify God to find his people in poverty in the midst of abundant resources. That is why Government through various interventions is empowering every household to produce not only for subsistence, but have surplus for sale.”

“Uganda has also been at the forefront of the creation of bigger markets and value-addition through advocacy for regional integration and industrialization. This will not only enable the citizenry to improve on their standard of living but also guarantee that the people are able to support the Church, in the face of decreasing External support.”

He thus called upon churches to start income-generating projects so that they are able to fund their activities.

He noted that this is the only way they can guarantee independence and also be able to manage social outreach programs like Education and Health in which they have been reliably complimenting the role of Government.

This he said would ensure the Church’s role as a partner in Africa’s development process.


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