Rwanda Braces For Exciting Gorilla Naming Adventure


viagra geneva;”>Rwanda will celebrate the birth of baby gorillas through “Kwita Izina”, troche the annual naming ceremony in Kinigi, sildenafil Musanze on June 22.

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According to Rica Rwigamba, head of Tourism and Conservation at the Rwanda Development Board (RDB), this year’s theme is “Celebrating Nature, Empowering Communities.”

This is the 9th edition of Kwita Izina.

Guests and the public being treated to a sparkling and energyetic entertainment during the Kwita Izina ceremony in 2012

“On this occasion, we are going to name 12 baby gorillas and one family. This is a celebration of these wonderful animals but also a way to thank all those who take care of them, starting from rangers, vets and the community living near their habitat,” she said.

While unveiling this year’s Kwita Izina program recently, Rwigamba said this will be more than just one event but a series of events which will include community celebrations, launch of community projects as well as the Kwita Izina Caravan.

“All these activities are open to the public and more details can be available on the Kwita Izina website and on various social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook and Flickr,” said Rwigamba.

This tour will go from Kigali to Kinigi passing by the different touristic attractions and community projects on that route.

Kwita Izina

The mountain Gorillas share with the human beings 98 percent of the genes and about a third of the world’s total mountain gorilla’s population live in Rwanda.

The Rwanda Office of Tourism and National Park (ORTPN) found it pertinent to extend the much cherished secular Rwandan tradition of naming every new born baby to the Gorillas as well.

Beautiful dancers entertaining the public during the Gorilla naming exercise last year

The ceremony of giving a name to a new born baby commonly known as “Kwita Izina” has been part of the Rwandan tradition for centuries.

This ceremony has also been used for past 3 decades now to give names to new born gorillas. The names attributed to the gorillas play a great part in the program of monitoring of each individual and gorilla groups in its habitat.

Since this started, the gorilla naming ceremony was internal to the ORTPN and its partners and especially among the field staff.

As a means of raising awareness at the national and international level about the protection of the mountain gorillas and their habitat, ORTPN launched the annual gorilla naming ceremony in 2005.

RDB officials say the Gorilla Naming campaign is aimed at ensuring the future of Rwanda’s mountain gorillas and will provide an opportunity for all those who care about the mountain gorillas to contribute to this common effort.

Chimpreports will provide an exclusive coverage of the event in Rwanda.


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