Pilgrims Still Stranded In Namugongo


order geneva;”>Coming to Namugongo is always easier than going back as many people move in groups from different parts of the country but going back becomes a one man’s task.

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buy geneva;”>Pilgrims many from up country districts including Kumi, Palisa, Busia, Kasese and from different parts of the country are now spending another night in Namugongo waiting for God to provide them with transport.

“We came with friends and they have boarded back but we don’t have transport back to our home area; we believe the Lord we came to pray to will perform a miracle for us to reach our destinations safely.” Said one of the pilgrims.

Transport fares increased as pilgrims were trying to find their way home after attending prayers at the Uganda Martyrs’ shrine in Namugongo, Kampala.

Unlike the usual transport charges, taxis and boda bodas doubled the transport fares from Namugongo to several parts of the country as pilgrims were unable to walk back to their destinations as it was while coming to the shrine.

Stranded on bus

Usually on a normal business day, from Namugongo to Kampala city centre taxis always charge between Ush 1500 and Ush 2000 but the charges increased between Ush 4000 and Ush 5000.

Boda bodas are charging Ush 5000 from Kyaliwajala centre to Kiwantule a journey that costs between Ush 1500 and Ush 2000 on a normal day.

The stranded Pilgrims are seen praying with their rosaries calling upon the Lord to rescue them as well as washing their faces with water from the pool of Blessed water as they wait upon the Lord to rescue them.


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