74 Investors Kicked Out Of Namanve Land


ask geneva;”>The contested land was allocated to 74 entities but was yet to be developed.

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Finance State Minister in charge of Investment, Dr. Ajedra Gabriel Aridru said “after proper re-planning the UIA Board will redistribute the land in accordance with a criterion to be agreed between Public Procurement and Disposal Act, UIA, Ministry of Finance and the Solicitor General’s office.”

Addressing journalists on Tuesday at Uganda Media Centre in Kampala, Dr. Ajedra said the land will be offered to “well deserving investors who will utilize the land profitably.”

The Minister does not explain whether those who have lost the pieces of land will be compensated.

The Executive Director UIA, Frank Ssebowa warned against selling of the land allocated in the Industrial Park.

“Selling those plots is risky because it is not part of the agreement. We shall demolish the buildings and whatever is on that land if proper guidelines are abused,” he added.

Dr. Ajedra emphasized that government’s desire for greater industrialization through UIA set up 21 industrial parks across the country starting with Namanve Industrial park which is close to Kampala.

The park was previously owned by the National Forestry Authority (NFA) before being degazetted in 1997.

Comprising 2208 acres of land and free from any encumbrances, Namanve Industrial Park was turned into a business and industrial park as a means of attracting investors.

The government had intended to provide UIA with funding to put in place tarmac roads, electricity, water and a communications backbone in the park.

After removal of the wetlands and green spaces, the remaining 1066 acres were in 2006 advertised for interested investors to bid in compliance with disposal procedures as provided by the PPDA Act.

Out of the 41 bidders, 277 investors or companies were in 2009 allocated land by UIA Board.

Out of 277 investors, 42 have been granted leases. Another 35 entities granted 87 acres of land had paid Shs 200,000 per allocated acre to the UIA Bank account as surveying costs.

However, says the Minister, 74 entities which were allocated land “have never taken action beyond acknowledging the UIA offers.”

“So the government has decided to transfer ownership of the 184 acres of the land back to UIA.”


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