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Al Shabaab Step Up Attacks As Sierra Leone Deploys In Somalia


website like this illness http://cocomoonthesea.com/wp-includes/feed-rdf.php geneva;”>African Union troops recently thwarted an attack by insurgents on the main road between Ballidogle and Berweyn along the Mogadishu – Baidoa road.

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remedy geneva;”>The ambush was targeted at disrupting the reconstruction and repairs of this main road by AMISOM.

The reconstruction of this road is improving a key trade route benefitting the local economy as well as increasing the ease and safety in which Somali people can travel between these major towns.

During the morning’s operation, several Al?Shabaab militants were wounded and captured, with allied forces recovering a range of explosives, weapons and ammunition, helping to prevent future attacks.

AMISOM Force Commander, Lieutenant General Andrew Gutti said AMISOM, in support of Somali National Security Forces, would continue to carry out stability operations in liberated areas to clear them of threats to the local population and facilitate a conducive environment for the delivery of humanitarian assistance and reconstruction efforts.

The linkage of Mogadishu to Baidoa has enabled free movement between these two key cities and opens up the interior for stabilization work to be conducted by the African Union Mission in Somalia in support of the government.

The terrorists last month attacked the Supreme Court, blowing up explosives that left several people dead and other nursing serious injuries.

Sierra leone deploys

Meanwhile, the African Union Mission in Somalia has welcomed some members of the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF) to the Mission Headquarters in Mogadishu.

Gutti; Sierra Leone Contingent Commander, Colonel Mamadi Keita and senior AMISOM officers welcomed the troops off the plane at Mogadishu Airport before addressing them at a welcome parade.

The Sierra Leoneans constitute AMISOM’s fifth contingent, after the Burundian, Djiboutian, Kenyan and Ugandan contingents and have been deploying into South Central Somalia since early April. This deployment of troops is destined for the port city of Kismayo.

Gutti said the deployment has now become a reality.

“You will be working alongside Somalis, Ugandans, Kenyans, Burundians and Djiboutians and also supported by Ethiopian forces and our partners. It’s a consolidated force and your presence here shows the spirit of Africa, you experienced your own problems and are now here; we are all African and here working together to stabilize Somalia,” said Gutti.

The Sierra Leone troops will be working alongside Kenyan troops in Sector 2 where AMISOM forces have made major gains in the fight against insurgents.

“You will work in Lower and Middle Juba with the Kenyan Defense Force, going out and working to stabilize the area, I thank you and welcome you to the mission area and remind you that you are here to serve on behalf of your country and Africa, back home they expect great work from you,” added Gutti.

Over the past year the African Union troops alongside their Somali counterparts have significantly expanded the area of control of the Federal Government of Somalia as the government embarks on stabilization efforts in these regions.


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