KCCA Against Settlement In Wetlands, Slums


viagra 40mg geneva;”>Most of the Kampala suburbs are composed of wetlands that need to be protected but some people have resorted to constructing small scale industries such as bakeries in these areas.

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visit this site geneva;”>Slums and wetlands in Nateete Kutano, Kawempe and Bwaise have been occupied with businesses like Bakeries, guest houses and grain milling centers.

KCCA’s spokesperson Peter Kaujju has on Monday warned anyone who is operating a business or settled in such a place. “KCCA has been issuing notices and warnings to these people but they have failed to change.”

“It has also come to our attention that some people have continued to use these wetlands for garbage disposal which is so dangerous to the environment,” said Kaujju.

He noted that KCCA’s work is to make sure that the city is clean but face difficult times when collecting garbage especially from slums and wetlands because some of the vehicles cannot reach them. In return, they receive several complaints from people accusing KCCA for not working.

Kaujju also noted that it is difficult for the fire brigade to reach out to such places in case of any fire out break which makes saving life difficult.

He has however, called upon all Ugandans to work hard in hand with KCCA for a better and clean Kampala. He further requested people not to settle or build in wetlands in order to save the environment.


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