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Poison Plot Exposes CIID, Kamabare


buy more about http://cognac-ambassador.com/wp-content/themes/twentytwelve/page-templates/front-page.php geneva;”>Lukwago’s lawyers, http://deal2deal.co.in/components/com_jshopping/templates/zt_joomshopping/product/review.php Mwene – Kahima, Mwebesa & Co Advocates wrote to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) on May 29, 2013, saying their client had fallen victim to a strange sickness that bore hallmarks of poisoning.

“He (Lukwago) is a sick person- which is well known to the investigators. His sickness is not clear as there is fear that he was poisoned – his bone marrow no longer manufactures red bled cells and samples of his tissues have been taken to South Africa to do testing,” reads part of the lawyers’ letter to the DPP.

The lawyers further attached original copies of lab tests findings from four clinics in Kampala to confirm Lukwago’s frightening health condition.

The clinics include Ebenezer Limited Clinical Laboratory, LMK Medical Laboratory & Consultancies Ltd, Lancet Laboratories Uganda Ltd and Sas Clinic & Laboratories.

Health experts say bone marrow suppression or myelotoxicity is the decrease in cells responsible for providing immunity, carrying oxygen, and those responsible for normal blood clotting and can lead to death.

With fewer red blood cells, one becomes anemic; develops fatigue, light headedness, headaches, heart palpitations, and may need a red blood cell transfusion.

The report comes hot on the heels of Lukwago’s recent public statements that CIID had tried to poison him.

“They [police] are the most corrupt people. There’s one Ochaya who tried to poison me but I am still alive. So, they will not succeed. I have to be quite careful,” Lukwago said in an interview on NTV.

Lukwago further revealed he was being witch hunted by CIID boss, Grace Akullo because he opposed her appointment to the board of the National Drug Authority.

“I know that Grace Akullo is already [a member] of one of our institutions and when I advised the minister (Dr Christine Ondoa) that it was too early to appoint her, it became a matter,” he said.

The Observer on Monday quoted Akullo as denying the claims.

She said that although Lukwago doesn’t mention her by name in the alleged plot to kill him, she knew he was referring to her in a recent television interview.

“The other day he told NTV that I’m a killer. Whom have I killed? I don’t know whether he has documented evidence about these claims, and why he is getting personal with me,” she said.

Akullo added that she has raised a complaint with the police chief, Kale Kayihura, and is contemplating opening a case of threatening violence against the PS. She in fact said that Lukwago wants to kill her.

“He said I should stand warned, and that I should be very careful with him. What is he intending to do to me? I’m not taking it lightly and if anything happens to me, he is responsible,” she said.

The development will leave CIID with facial lacerations, considering its history of corruption and abuse of office among top officials.

The Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) spokesperson Moses Watasa recently issued a press statement, accusing CIID officials of being “gruesome” in the arrest of Undersecretary Flavia Waduwa.

“The public has been calling to know what transpired and what could have forced police to act in a manner they did… the Director CIID deployed three police vehicles at OPM to forcefully apprehend and disable the Under Secretary. She claimed that Waduwa had failed to head to the sermons a matter that was not correct,” said Watasa.


The Anti –Corruption Court Chief Magistrate, Irene Akankwasa, recently issued a warrant of arrest for Lukwago over charges related to theft of over Shs 1 bn from the Global Fund.

Bedridden Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary, Asuman Lukwago

He is accused of conspiring with three other officials in a crime allegedly committed between November and December 2012.

His co-accused include Ponziano Nyeko, 46, an Assistant Commissioner in the Health Ministry, Alex Gumisiriza, 32, Finance Manager, Global Fund in the Health Ministry and Sabiiti Tibaijuka, 52, former police officer.

Lukwago is separately charged with neglecting his official accounting duties when he allegedly failed to ensure the proper expenditure of the ministry’s funds according to the Public and Accountability Act 2003.

According to the charge sheet, Lukwago failed to ensure the propriety of the expenditure of the Ministry of Health by signing Security Paper No. 186271 thereby authorizing Bank of Uganda to credit a fraudulent bank account in the names of National Medical Stores.

But on November 19, National Medical Stores (NMS) general manager Moses Kamabare wrote to Lukwago requesting approval of payment of $558,415 for the Aids and Malaria control programmes.

Kamabare said the huge sum of funds should be transferred to an account number 0010120300055 registered in the names of National Medical Stores at ABC Capital bank’s main branch at Colline house, Kampala.

“Please process payment of USD 558,415.76 that is long overdue to the following account detail,” Kamabare’s letter reads in part.

Lukwago gave a green light to the transfer on December 6. He later discovered that account was fake after Edith Kakuba, the head of Finance and Accounts at NMS, wrote to Bank of Uganda denying knowledge of the said account.


It remains unclear why Kamabare submitted a fake account and his motives are yet to be established.

The NMS was recently under fire for lack of anti-malarial and HIV drugs in Ugandan hospitals.

Suspecting that Kamabare could have planned to steal the funds, Lukwago swiftly wrote to Akullo calling for an investigation into the dubious operations of NMS.

He also wrote to Bank of Uganda to stop the transfer of funds to the said account pending “further verification.”

“This is, therefore, to ask you to avail this ministry [with] details of the above National Medical Stores bank account in ABC Capital Bank Ltd, providing information that includes but not limited to: the date the account was opened, the person(s) who opened [it], its signatories, authority and referees to its opening,” Lukwago’s letter to Bank of Uganda reads in part.

Observers say Kamabare should be personally held liable for reportedly providing a fake bank account in a suspicious transaction that would have cost government billions of shillings.


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