Kagame: Citizens’ Participation Crucial For Resilient growth


recipe geneva; font-size: small;”>“Economic destiny of each African country is closely connected with that of others. Inclusive and resilient growth should be a shared aspiration, information pills ” added Kagame.

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The President was on Sunday speaking at 5th International Conference on African Development (TICAD).

The summit is co-organised by the Government of Japan, the United Nations, the World Bank, UNDP and the African Union.

Kagame recounted the Rwandan experience where improved productivity and social protection has led to 8 percent GDP growth and lifted 12 percent out of poverty in only five years.

“In Rwanda, this approach has mobilized citizens to own the transformation agenda and become agents of change themselves,” said Kagame, who has been hailed by the international community for structural reforms that have transformed Rwanda into a prosperous and productive country in the wake of the 1994 genocide.

Kagame further noted that achieving inclusive and resilient economic growth requires responsive public leaders to the needs of the citizens.

“Africa’s people particularly the young are our primary resource towards achieving long-term resilience. The question today is how to impact the lives of many and build a resilient foundation that will sustain our economic gains,” he observed.

Speaking earlier on Driving African Development through gender equality and women’s empowerment, Kagame noted that what is needed are “bold leadership approaches and structural solutions.”

He maintained Africa’s development requires the contribution of all citizens.

“The history of our country has propelled us to the frontline of development and decision making. Political and legal gains are not enough, they must be supported by financial empowerment,” added Kagame.

“It is now possible to foresee a time when women in leadership positions will no longer be a rare exception. One effective solution is to provide access to equal opportunities in education, employment, credit, property ownership. We cannot talk about women’s empowerment without paying attention to overall development,” added Kagame.

The President emphasized the most effective and long lasting guarantee to women’s equality and participation in economic activity is education.

“We have seen women transform themselves from victims of genocide to peace builders and managers of successful businesses. We have always regarded women as essential to socio-economic transformation of our country and equal participation of women in all aspects of national life, including the liberation struggle.”


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