Gen Kabarebe Warns FDLR Rebels


sales geneva;”>In an interaction on Twitter, medical Kabarebe pledged to “facilitate any FDLR to return to Rwanda if he abandons the genocide ideology” but quickly warned rebels “must disarm and abandon genocide ideology or perish in DRC forests.”

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This is the latest exhibition of determination by the Rwandan government to take on the rebels accused of perpetrating the 1994 genocide and committing heinous atrocities in eastern DRC.

Kabarebe was on Saturday evening asked why in several United Nations investigation reports he was being personally accused of being the brains behind DRC rebel group, M23 and “Why don’t you use your influence and ask them to stop?”

Kabarebe answered: “Whoever has kept FDLR for 19 years in DRC is also the one responsible for M23, not me. The rest is diversionary, misleading and scapegoating.”

The General, who fought alongside President Paul Kagame in the RPF war that toppled the regime of Juvenal Habyarimana, further added that in 1994 “the FDLR genocidal force in DRC was about 150,000 plus, today it’s about 2,000 minus.”

He attributed the decimation of over 90 percent of the FDLR militants to “Rwanda Defence Forces operations.”

Following the ouster of Habyarimana’s regime in 1994, the fleeing Hutu militia later regrouped in DRC before launching a military come back through northern Rwanda.

Kagame, Kabarebe, Maj Gen Alex Kagame and exiled renegade general, Kayumba Nyamwasa among others led the victorious RPF troops in the insurgency thus defeating FDLR.

More lethal operations by RDF inside Congo destroyed the better part of FDLR, killing hundreds of the rebel group’s commanders and militants.

FDLR Fighters who chose to surrender were later integrated into the Rwanda society while others were jailed for atrocities committed in the 1994 genocide.

However, recent reports indicated that a weakened FDLR was receiving logistical support from DRC Generals to carry out attacks inside Rwanda.

Genocide ghosts

Kabarebe said “FDLR will be haunted by its genocide crimes till self extermination,” adding, “Not even the Pope will cleanse FDLR of their genocide crimes. They must face justice or ask Rwandans for mercy.”

He further noted that Rwanda has made “tremendous progress after the devastation of genocide by FDLR-Genocidaires.”

Kabarebe also noted that United Nations Intervention Brigade deployed in DRC should “target all those numerous armed groups in eastern DRC, mainly FDLR.”

He explained that while M23 rebellion is DRC’s problem, “Rwanda is more concerned with FDLR,” which he said is “the main cause of insecurity in eastern DRC”

“It should be the target for the intervention Brigade.”

Kabarebe said “it’s their (FDLR) genocide crimes holding them up in DRC,” adding, “Crime-free ones have returned to Rwanda and resettled.”

“FDLR ideology is genocide, for those who are leaders and committed it and their followers. Many former FDLR have heeded to the government call to disarm, abandon genocide ideology and return to Rwanda,” said Kabarebe.

He further clarified that if Sylvestre Mudacumura, the overall commander of the military wing of the FDLR, surrenders, “he will go to jail for the genocides crimes.”


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