NRM Rebel MPs Question Conditions Given To Monitor


order http://crmsoftwareblog.com/wp-includes/general-template.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 115%;”>Addressing the media on Thursday at Parliament, treat Hon. Theodore Ssekikuubo of Lwemiyaga County and Barnabas Tinkasimiire of Buyaga County West, order said the government wants to force their way into the editorial system of the paper.

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“The government issuing out those conditions to a media house is very unfortunate, it directly means they want force their way into the editorial board of the paper,” said Ssekikuubo.

They further asserted that government already owns The New Vision and should start editing the paper if it wants rather than going to private media houses where they don’t even have shares.

Ssekikuubo charged: “This move by the government is to make the Daily Monitor news irrelevant in the market contrary to the current mileage they enjoy in the market.”

The duo added that media freedom is a cardinal principle in any democratic society and stifling it unearth the autocratic tendencies of the State against its own people who benefit from media stories.

“The right of expression is inherent and only a dictatorship regime can suppress because it is the population which benefit from the free media,” said Tinkasimiire.

Government yesterday reopened Daily Monitor Publications Ltd and Red Pepper to resume business but under stringent conditions and an apology for a story that led to their closure.

Outgoing Internal Affairs Minister, Hilary Onek told press in Kampala on Thursday that the reopening of the two newspapers followed several closed-door meetings between government officials and Nation Media Group management.

He further noted that Daily Monitor “highly regretted the story that led to the closure of the Monitor newspaper and KFM and Dembe Radio stations” and also “undertook that the Monitor newspaper will only publish or air stories which are properly sourced, verified and factual.”

According to the Minister, the Publication also undertook that the “reporting in the Monitor newspaper will always be objective, fair and balanced” and also pledged “to be sensitive to and not publish or air stories that can generate tensions, ethnic hatred, cause insecurity or disturb law and order.”

The rebel MPs made the remarks shortly after the government opened the Daily Monitor publication following eleven days of siege by the police which claimed it was “searching” for the original hard copy of Gen. Ssejus’s letter.

The outgoing Internal Affairs Minister, Hillary Onek while announcing the opening on Thursday at

The conditions given to Monitor include “publishing or airing stories which are properly sourced, verified and factual; the reporting being objective, fair and balanced and to be sensitive to and not publish or air stories that can generate tensions, ethnic hatred, cause insecurity or disturb law and order.

Monitor was also instructed to tighten their internal editorial and gate keeping processes, to ensure that stories that impact especially on national security are subjected to the most rigorous scrutiny and verification process before they run.

The vibrant newspaper would also seek regular interface with the Government of Uganda to ensure that the undertakings they have made will be respected and implemented and also observe and comply with the laws of Uganda.

NMG group CEO Linus Gitahi said the Monitor will continue reporting without “letting down our values,” adding, “the newspaper will hang on its editorial policy and do journalism that resonates with millions of Ugandans.”


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