Government Opens Red Pepper


treatment geneva;”>Red Pepper Marketing Director, price Arinaitwe Rugyendo, viagra order has confirmed the opening to Chimpreports.

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This development followed a meeting between the Red Pepper directors and the Government on Thursday. The police have also vacated the newspaper’s premises in Namave, Mukono district.

The Daily Monitor was also opened today morning.

Earlier, the outgoing Internal Affairs Minister, Hillary Onek told press in Kampala that the reopening followed several closed-door meetings between government officials and the Nation Media Group management.

He said in the meeting, the publication agreed to undertake some conditions “ that the Monitor newspaper will only publish or air stories which are properly sourced, verified and factual.”

He added: “They undertook that the reporting in the Monitor newspaper will always be objective, fair and balanced” and also pledged “to be sensitive to and not publish or air stories that can generate tensions, ethnic hatred, cause insecurity or disturb law and order.”


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