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Police Saves Conman From Angry Mob

order geneva; font-size: small;”>Some of the stamp makers along William Street told our Corp that they always receive complaints from their customers blaming them of setting them up with conmen to get money from them.

They said these conmen follow their customers immediately after they’ve left their shops, and then show them fake police identity cards claiming they have been investigating forging stamps or seals for certain company.

“Due to fear of being taken to police, the customers are asked money ranging from Shs 200,000 to Shs 500,000 in order to drop the charges.”

Salongo is alleged to have been with a person dressed up in a police uniform; however, the person managed to escape when he noticed people beating up his colleague.

It is police which managed to save Salongo before the mob could lynch him but he was later left to go.

It should however be remembered that several company documents and academic documents have always been forged having stamps and seals that look to be original and people have gone on to fulfill their motives.

Ugandans should know that fake and genuine stamps and seals are verified by the courts of law and they should not allow to be corned in a similar manner due to their ignorance.


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