Is Ragga Dee Hitting The Oil Industry?

about it geneva;”>And here is why. When this chap’s brains have started cooking money making ideas, rx a coal stove can sit and wait.

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Ever since oil came knocking on our banana republic’s economy years ago, many folks’ minds have never settled. Eyes are still roving left and right striving to spot any opportunity in the Bunyoro region to grab for the remaining years of their lifespan.

(Have you not heard of how the sex vending industry is flourishing those ends nowadays?)

Now, if the impression our Corp obtained at Serena hotel is anything to go by, this guy is planning to hit the oil industry by storm too.

On the scorching sunny mid-morning hours of Wednesday, the Empeta Star was spotted hoping out of his monster Escalade and rushing through security check points into the Uganda Mineral Energy Oil and Gas Conference and exhibition held at the Serena

Once inside he was seen visiting the oil and gas stalls throwing endless queries like any other person dying to learn more about this new venture.

He later on stormed the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development stall as well and tasked the pretty ladies there to elucidate more and more on dozens issues and not to leave out any.

Our corp also eavesdropped him mummer something to do with 50 acres of land and then gold and……. oh yes, he has a gold mine in Karamoja! plus a real estate somewhere in Mengo.

The Uganda ragga veteran is undoubtedly one of the biggest musician moneybags this region has seen. Just one visit at his Makindye home will get you wondering how one runs a car bond in his own compound. Mercedes ML’s, Benz Cross country, Escalade V8 Land cruisers, Lexus, you can go on and on.

In spite of being one of the oldest surviving veterans (having joined the industry way back in 1987, and boosting of now over 400 songs), Ragga Dee rightfully asserts his money doesn’t come from music but from scores of other business ventures including a beach in Busaabala called Deez, lots of houses to let, a gold mine, a car bond also known as Deez and if all this money is not enough to erect an oil rig then Ugandans have got a long way to go.


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