EAC Bolsters Forest Governance, Trade

viagra dosage geneva;”>This three-day workshop taking place at the Kenya Forestry Research Institute headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya, comes in the wake of indications that the East African Community is losing substantial amounts in revenue due to illegal trade in forest products.

According to a new study commissioned by the Lake Victoria Basin Commission launched at the opening of the workshop on Tuesday by the Kenyan Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Water and Natural Resources, Hon. Prof. Judy Wakhungu, non-compliance with Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) is a major cause of revenue losses.

Prof. Wakhungu said, owing to importance of sustainable forest management, the EAC partner states undertook legislative and policy development initiatives to entrench the principles of sustainable natural resources management through the establishment of the Protocol for Sustainable Development of Lake Victoria Basin and the Protocol on Environment and Natural Resource Management.

He hailed the Lake Victoria Basin Commission (LVBC) for initiating and moving forward the FLEGT process for the benefit of the EAC.

This study titled “A Socio-economic Valuation of Losses from Non-Compliance with Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade in East African Community Partner States” identifies some of the causes of revenue losses as inadequate institutional capacity; weak law enforcement capabilities and arrangements; corruption and bribery; adhoc rules and regulations; poor pricing; as well as inconsistent rates in revenue collection.

The LVBC Executive Secretary, Dr. Canisius Kanangire, said the workshop is the apex of East Africa’s FLEGT initiatives and that the outcome from the Regional Experts’ workshop would soon be presented to the Council of Ministers for Lake Victoria Basin for adoption and subsequent implementation.

He further commended the support of the Governments of Finland and Sweden for their support to this process.

Among the participants in the workshop was the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Environment, Water and Natural Resources, Mr. Hyslop Ipu; the Director, Kenya Forestry Research Institute, Dr. Ben Chikamai and experts from the East African Community Partner States; international, regional and nation non-governmental organisations, as well as representatives of the Embassies of Finland and Sweden in Kenya.


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