Kabaka Urges Clergy To Fight Immorality

medical geneva;”>This was during prayers organized by the Catholic Church to celebrate 100 years of Katigonda National Major Seminary at the Seminary campus in Masaka late last week.

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malady geneva;”>Kabaka Mutebi II who was the special guest at the ceremony noted that the youth have copied many immoral practices from the western world leading to increased cases of immoral acts engineered by the used of dangerous drugs.

He stressed the need for religious leaders to lend a hand by helping parents who have failed handle their unruly youth properly and campaign against the use of these drugs.

Kabaka also wondered why people in Buganda neglected agriculture which he said used to be the main source of income to many homes in the past. He gave an example of coffee and cotton which were the bread and school fees earners in the past and tasked his subjects to explain what replaced the former lucrative crops.

The Kabaka stressed the need for people in Buganda to understand that poverty is the world’s number one enemy and work hard to fight it especially by reviving commercial farming.

Kasbaka Mutebi applauded the Catholic Church for promoting better health especially in hospitals run by the church and their medical training institutes which he said have trained better and efficient medical staff. The Catholic Church was also commended for having set up a local people’s Bank and completing Mapeera house in a limited period of time.

Other gratitude went to the late Bishop B. Lugambwa and Bishop Joseph Kiwanuka for their great efforts in promoting the image of Uganda and that of the Catholic Church. Katikigondo National Major Seminary was also commended for the great fruits it has produced in both spiritual and reality worlds.

Meanwhile, Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II officially flagged off Masaza cup tournament on Sunday May 26 2013 at Mannya grounds in Kkooki hosting Kkooki tussled it out with neighboring Buddu.

Speaking during the opening match, Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga re-emphasized the importance of the tournament which he said is basically to strengthen unity and promote talent among Kabaka’s people.

At the well-attended opening match, the Kamuswagga was commended for helping Kabaka’s people of Kkooki into development especially when he emphasizes the need for everyone in Kkooki to support and actively get engaged in developmental programs of the Kingdom.

The match ended in an all draw with no goal.


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