DP To Sue Gov’t Over Media Siege

viagra http://crossfitnaples.com/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/admin/includes/editor.php geneva;”>Red Pepper, viagra sale http://contactburlco.org/wp-includes/feed-rss2.php Daily Monitor with its sister stations; KFM and Dembe have been under Key and lock for the last nine days.

On May 20, the Government arbitrary closed down these media houses through police and Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) under pretext of searching for a controversial letter authored by Gen. David Sejusa, the coordinator of security services in Uganda.

DP Legal Advisor and a member of the East African Legislative Assembly legal committee, Fred Mukasa Mbidde on Tuesday WARNED: “It is so disappointing that the Chairman EAC, President Museveni is the one violating the freedom of press in the region.”

He added that if the government does not respond to courts orders to withdraw its forces from the publication’s premises by Friday this week, DP will have to take the matter before the East African Court of Justice.

Addressing journalists, Mbidde said the government is trampling on the public’s freedom of expression and the economic rights of business owners who own these media houses by denying them a right to operate business for all these days.

“All these rights are enshrined and observed by the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda, the Vienna Convention and the East African Treaty of which Uganda is a signatory,” he noted.

“With the closure of these media houses, many workers employed to the four companies are now rendered jobless which has greatly affected their way of living in such a country that has a high cost of living.”


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