Taxi Drivers Beat Up KCCA Official Over Monthly Pay


order geneva; font-size: small;”>A team of KCCA officials had entered the park asking for receipts from the drivers but instead the drivers decided to beat up on one of them saying that they are still waiting for a clear document from Court ordering them to pay the fees again.

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However, Police arrested two of the drivers who were later taken to City Hall Police station.

According to the O/C Old Kampala Police Station, Emmanuel Okyamuranga, KCCA carried out the exercise without a police notice.

He, however, requested the drivers to “calm down and resume work,” promising that the situation would normalize.

The drivers continued to demand their colleagues who had been arrested and even threatened to continue with the demonstration if police refused to respond.

Meanwhile, passengers were seen stranded in the park with their luggage after the drivers closed the main entrance of the park.

All taxis were blocked from entering or leaving the park for almost two hours until it was opened by police.

Isaac Muddu, a taxi driver said the Executive Director of KCCA and the Lord Mayor should call for a meeting and decide how much the drivers should pay.

He further requested that the monthly pay be reduced to at least Shs 70,000.


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