Uganda’s Denzel, Lugudde Set Eyes On Big Brother Cash


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He says his best quality is his optimism and he likes a great sense of style and humour and open-mindedness in others. He dislikes negative people and smelly feet.

He entered Big Brother for the money, fame and adventure and ‘could care less’ that Africa will be watching him so closely. “People are always watching me, by virtue of my job,” he says. “In entertainment, you forfeit your right to privacy”. If he wins, he’ll “party”.

He lists himself as his own role model, because of what he has achieved despite what he has gone through. He is the youngest of 4 children and says his proudest achievement is that he makes the world’s best-tasting noodles.

And towering over the rest of the housemates at six feet five inches is professional basketball player Lugudde. He has a CPA and Degree in Marketing.

Lugudde says he was inspired to enter Big Brother by his teammates and friends and says he is excited to have Africa watching him.

He says that viewers can expect him to make all the ladies fall in love with him, make viewers laugh. If he wins the grand prize, he’ll start building his basketball academy.

He describes himself as “compassionate, sexy, conscious, comical and athletic” and his favourite personal quality is his confidence, saying that he’s “the direct reflection of God’s creation”.

He likes people who are loyal, humble, confident, honest and intelligent, but dislikes “disloyal, jealous, envious individuals”. His proudest achievements so far are winning the national championship with his team in 2010 and representing his country in Olympic Qualifiers.


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