Tinyefuza Sets Terms For His Return


physician geneva;”>One of the conditions is that there must be a fully constituted military tribunal to prosecute him on alleged cases of subversion, viagra conduct prejudicial to good order and discipline and spreading harmful propaganda.

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A close friend of Tinyefuza told this investigative website on Sunday afternoon that proper charges of offences he committed must also be communicated to the General’s lawyers.

Tinyefuza also wants President Yoweri Museveni to telephone him.

“What hurts Tinyefuza the most is that the President no longer listens to him. Tinyefuza is so angry because Museveni cannot even bother to call him.

He thinks some people have spoilt his name before the President,” a source, who preferred anonymity as he is not authorized to speak to press, said.

The spymaster is quoted as repeatedly complaining: “I feel betrayed by my President. Why isn’t the President calling me? Someone spoilt my name.”

Tinyefuza’s latest demands could pose serious challenges for the military establishment.

The law provides that an army officer must be tried in a competent court by a colleague at the same or higher military rank.

In Tinyefuza’s case, the UPDF would need at least three non-partisan Generals to form a tribunal.

But Uganda has nine Generals of which majority are retired, including Gen Aronda Nyakairima.

The serving Generals are Salim Saleh, Kale Kayihura, Elly Tumwiine and Katumba Wamala.

However, Saleh and Kayihura are party to Tinyefuza’s letter. He accused Saleh and Kayihura among others of propping up Brig Kainerugaba Muhoozi for presidency.

Sources also noted that Tumwiine is so close to Tinyefuza and would not participate in such a tribunal.


Army spokesperson Lt Col Paddy Ankunda said Tinyefuza cannot set conditions for his return.

“When you decide to go frontal, you must be prepared to go through the battle,” said Ankunda.

“Tinyefuza must shoulder the full weight of the law. He can’t set terms. He has no grounds to set any terms.”

Ankunda further noted that Tinyefuza should expect to get justice.

“Tinyefuza should feel free to return to Uganda. It is not necessary to give conditions,” he added.

Sources say as a four star General, Member of Parliament representing the UPDF, senior member of the High Command and presidential advisor, Tinyefuza is worried of being arrested in a humiliating manner upon arrival at Entebbe Airport.

Tinyefuza does not want what he termed as a “Kangaroo Court for some people to settle their scores.”

The NRA historical has been holed up in United Kingdom since April 30.

Tinyefuza also wants the army to issue summons through his lawyers or Parliament or office of the President to appear before the tribunal.

“The General wants to be called to a competent tribunal through proper procedures because he authored the letter that caused controversy. He is not denying the letter.

Even the draft letter, the computer on which it was typed were recovered when security raided his office in Ntinda,” the source further noted.


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