World Bank Commends Museveni, Encourages Investment

viagra 100mg geneva;”>site sans-serif;”>Hprice sans-serif;”>e said this at a joint press conference with President Museveni and UN’s Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on Friday in Entebbe, Uganda.

“I want to first of all thank President Museveni for your leadership and your tireless efforts to bring about agreement and peace in the region, and I also want to thank the Secretary-General for allowing our team to travel with him,” said Dr. Kim.

He added that after ensuring peace, now is the opportunity to take the next step of investing in development.

This comes after World Bank Group announced $1 billion in proposed new funding to help countries in the region provide better health and education services, generate more cross-border trade, and fund hydroelectricity projects in support of the Great Lakes peace agreement that was signed by 11 countries in February.

“We’ve got to start right now, I think the international conference in the Great Lakes Region could move forward the insistence that we use the platform of the framework agreement to begin talking about energy and agriculture and access to education and health care,” he affirmed as he addressed the press conference.

Dr. Kim said these are the very concrete dividends for peace that “will convince people to lay down their arms and to regain their hope for the future.”

“Development is the key to lasting peace,” he affirmed.

He remarked that many people ask why invest $1 billion in the region when the conflict is not over, but he assured that, “the roots of the conflict are that people are poor, people don’t have jobs, people don’t have health, education, and most importantly, people have no hope, then exactly now is the time to begin investing.”

“We hope our $1 billion, will encourage others, donors and also people from the private sector to invest in this region,” said Dr. Kim.

He also noted that the founders of the United Nations and the Bretton Woods institutions always intended them to work together and is glad to bring the vision to reality.

“In bringing this new reality of the work together between the UN and the Bretton Woods institutions, I don’t want anyone to forget that we’re starting right here in the Great Lakes Region,” said Dr. Kim.

Dr. Kim further noted that the World Bank is focusing on working with governments so that the governments’ priorities are prioritized most especially the energy sector.

“We have a discussion across the region about what the top priorities are, and what we hear again and again is energy. We need energy to keep the lights on in schools, to keep the incubators on in hospitals, but also to drive private sector investment and the growth of jobs,” he added.


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