From A Rally Fan’s View

approved geneva;”>She urged the participants to focus on positive energy and building blocks that will shape their future basing on clinical understanding of the past and present.

Following the MPU challenge rally a lot of “words, thumb theories and others “have been thrown around with various views relating to malice, victimization, abuse of office, mismanagement, selective application of rules, incompetence etc.

So what is next?

Many have said that historically the rally scene of “then and now” is so much different. Some have even said things should go back to how they were. Now that’s not possible because time does not go backwards. But is it possible to encourage the old generals to give a bird’s eye view of things taking into caution that some of them may actually have little to contribute.

We have also read and heard several comparisons of the previous motorsport scene of Charlie Lubega, Moses Lumala, Emma Katto, Karim Hirji etc with plenty of sponsorships, stiff competition, “no begging” no drivers body, and thousands of fans etc; the “funny administration” of AAU, the birth of FMU. We hear people saying those days may have been better. We also hear of cheating, poor administration, “drivers holding the sport at ransom”, and declarations and of course mafia groups. Basically many things happening that are of concern then and now. People complained then and they are complaining now.

Basically same script; different cast.

So what to do to make things better? It starts by asking the right questions. 1) What exactly is wrong? 2) How can what is wrong be dealt with? 3) Who can help make things right? 4) Why are things that are wrong not being addressed properly? A psychologist once said the road to curing a bad habit is to accept the problem exists. A successful IT guru once said; “a true journey into the future starts when you accept change is inevitable and adapt the changes “Question is; we experiencing change and what are we doing to with it?

In the recent past we expressed several misgivings about motorsport administration. ie clubs that don’t regularly update their members, don’t congregate, clubs run like a one man show, lack of accountability to their members.

At the helm of it all, inability by committees to report findings on time, victimizing of persons, intolerance to divergent views, selfishness and greed alongside self-seekers with their bad intentioned advice and intent, let alone the misdirection. (Stay tuned for another twist from the committees)

We have seen the growth of a driver’s body, the rally fans club and an expanding yet informed fan base as well as competitors and other volunteers of the sport and its rules. We have also experienced a lot more sensation in the sport alongside calls for positive change in the sport in the face of the fact that very little is being done to develop the sport and instead we see more actions to stifle developments.

Four drivers suspended in one year (Semakula, Ponsiano, Serugo and Ofong) whose crime is being vocal about some injustices.

Fortunately some of these suspensions never saw the light of day thanks to some arm twisting and were never even known to many. At the start of 2012 season many drivers came out openly to oppose the injustice in the system.

This was the basis for the drivers body UMRDC which in its own way has somehow lost the plot along the way and seems to be suffering the incompetence that the drivers accuse motorsport administration of.

We have seen the advent of the Rally Fans club the self-appointed outspoken and watch dog of motorsport. In that regard many accusations have been leveled against some of its founders whose only crime by the way is the promotion of an idea that has been embraced by many; they remain focused on implementing their strategy and steadfastly grow in strength as an organized unit with purpose but maybe a little bit too much zeal for our old school leaders.

We see attempts to gag the sport and arm twist views to a certain line of thought to achieve some personal goals for some as we hope for a semblance of a strategy that may indicate the direction of motorsport. We see an administration that just can’t take decisions based on rules but on sentimental grounds. And of course we also see a lot of pretenders coming up to take center stage trying to position them as relevant for motorsport when actually they are presently the reason we have problems in motorsport.

We see committees set up that cannot make decisions or deliver a ruling in the prescribed time. 3 months later no ruling on the time card and stones case, 5 months later no ruling on the Ofong appeal, and yes its months past the deadline and the constitution review process is still going on and somehow the status quo remains unchecked.

Well this is an election year, and we all expect some changes in leadership hopefully for the better. We expect some people will be stepping up to offer themselves as possible candidates.

We hope we shall have a more transparent process for these elections and not repeat the shrouded mafia like process which ushered in the present administration. We also hope persons with high principles, ideas and character will step up to take the mantle and save our sport sinking further.

With hindsight we hope we all understand the problems and challenges and can now start thinking of how to positively contribute to the future of our motorsport.

In other news RFC Uganda introduces an exclusive motorsport talk show on Record TV that airs for the first time on Sunday 26th May, 2013 at 9:30pm.

The “Shift “n Drive” show TV Sports show will be purely about motorsport, Formulae 1, WRC, ARC, NRC and Motorcross.


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