Mao Campaigns For Mafabi In Azerbaijan

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The move comes against the backdrop of heated verbal exchanges between Mao and FDC.

Mao last month made public remarks which were perceived as referring FDC officials to “barking dogs.” FDC supporters responded by labeling Mao an “NRM mole.”

The latest development could signal renewed relations between the two antagonistic parties.

Mao on Thursday posted on his Facebook page: “I was pleasantly surprised to meet the Rt. Hon. Nandala Mafabi, Ugandan Leader of Opposition together with Economic Monitoring Minister Henry Banyenzaki and Hon. Mukitale.”

He added: “Nandala Mafabi is seeking election to the board of this global network and I am busy campaigning for him. As a founder member of this network and former member of the board I am happy to endorse Nandala Mafabi.”

Mao expressed his joy at “navigating among delegates from over 100 countries.”

He said with Uganda tipped to host the next annual conference, “delegates should favour Nandala Mafabi.”


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