URA To Toughen Up On Tax Evading Government Bodies


capsule case geneva;”>The defaulters according to URA’s Manager in charge of Debt Collection, website Abdu-salaam Waiswa include not only individuals and private corporations, but also government entities like ministries, state parastatals and local governments.

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In a Wednesday press briefing at the Authority’s offices in Nakawa, Kampala, it was revealed that the Shs 157bn short fall effectively implies that the target for the remaining two months of Financial Year 2012/2013 must increase by Shs78.54bn on average if the annual target is to be realized.

The target for May 2013 is Shs 603.37bn while the overall annual target stands at Shs 7.6trillion.

However, Waiswa insists that the remaining two months is a lot of time for the targets to be met especially with a multidimensional range of strategies to be employed.

“Our new strategies to have these debts cleared we understand may affect most of the implicated parties including possible frustration of activities at government institutions like ministries and local governments, but what can we do? We have out targets to meet,” he said.

He added that the measures would include publishing names of indebted entities in national dailies in what is referred to as the “shame list.”

Meanwhile, the revenue body will also intensify sealing off and engaging auctioneers to purchase off property belonging to the defaulters.

Waiswa added that travel bans might also be invoked in cases of individuals with more arrears and abilities to flee the country.

This follows an array of announcements of cuts on foreign aid to the country, of which according to Waiswa more other means to fill such gaps have to be found.

“As for the crafty tax evaders, we have also put up more hubs in the city to bring more businessmen into the tax bracket, not just waiting for them to come to us with declarations; and with our new e-tax system, we are making it even more impossible to have any more tax evasions,” he said.

He further stressed that URA does not intend to excuse Pioneer Easy Buses of their Shs 8bn standing arrears like how media reports had earlier portrayed that President Museveni suggested so.

He noted that URA had only agreed to allow them more time to find means of having this debt cleared

“URA is a government entity that doesn’t operate in a vacuum. We have to operate with other government entities for the good of the people,” he added.

He further noted: “We realize that the pioneer bus cause is a sensitive one and ever since the seizure, we have had a wide public outcry as passengers complain to us of their plight and we since chose to refrain from rushing to conclusions to have the buses auctioned.”


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