Fire Guts Rwandan School Again


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unhealthy geneva;”>The school decided to send all the students of O-level home for two weeks so as to reconstruct the damaged buildings.

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recipe geneva;”>When the students came back to school, some were located in the church and others in the classrooms and stores inside the school.

Just 8 days back from home, all their property has been the destroyed again by fire that gutted the school on Monday night as students were in classrooms for reading.

“It was at around 8:00 pm, a few minutes before students would go in the dining hall for their supper,” said the Mayor of Ruhango District, “when fire out in the new building for O-level students leaving all their property destroyed including mattress, bags, and sanitation materials.”

“The new dormitory that was burnt accommodates around 120-130 students. The fire damaged all their property including their bags, mattress,” said Francois Xavier Mbabazi, the Mayor of Ruhango District.

“However, we are still investigating the cause of this fire. We still don’t know why the specific O-level students’ dormitory is being attacked and not any other,” added Mbabazi.

Fortunately no one perished in the incident, or got injured, school sources report.

There are also superstitions in this case. Some of the students told our chimp corp that some students have demonic powers which are causing the fire.

“It is unbelievable, how can you explain this incident? In one month, our dormitory and property gets destroyed for the second time,” said a student who prefers his name to be anonymous.

Meanwhile, some students are wondering if they will be sent back home again, as others are preparing for a national test.

“This is the time we should be preparing for our national exam. We wasted a lot of time the first time we were sent home for two weeks. If they decide to resend as home again, it will affect our national test,” complained some of the students.

Parents’ Worry

Parents are also worried on what will happen to their students as the authorities manage the situation.

Several of them complained of buying school materials at the beginning of the second term, after the first fire incident and now will buy more materials for the third time all in one term.

On the students’ situation, the mayor of Ruhango District said the school and authorities have not decided yet on what to do, but as a suggestion, he said the school should arrange itself to manage the situation without sending students back home again.

Meanwhile, the Police didn’t want to talk on the incident.

A school in Ruhango District Southern Province of Rwanda was on Monday night gutted down by fire leaving property of students destroyed.

Raging flames of fire swept through classrooms, teacher’s staff room and other buildings, leaving a huge trail of destruction.

No casualties have so far been recorded.

This is the second time in one month for ‘Ecole des science de Byimana’ school to experience such fires.

Officials at the school say the fire outbreak was caused by an electric shock which left the dormitories of boys burnt down and all their property destroyed.

Fire figthers trying to make the fire off

“All students in the ordinary level were sent home for two weeks as the school was being reconstructed. However, a few days after returning another fire has broken out,” said one of the school officials present at the scene.

He added that the fire started at around 8:00pm.

Police are yet to identify the cause of the fire.

Fire fighters


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