Road Safety Rules For Drivers And Passengers


there geneva;”>Over 10, medical 000 Ugandans die in road accidents every year, look some are knocked down by over speeding vehicles, drunkard drivers and inexperienced ones who dive without having enough training.

Traffic Police have on Monday introduced new rules and regulations for all drives, passengers and other road users in order to reduce on the road accidents.

All the drivers caught driving while on phone will be charged Shs 100,000, a driver found driving without a seat belt will pay a fine Shs 80,000, a passenger without a seat belt is to pay Shs 20,000 and driving a non licensed vehicle one will have to pay Shs 100,000.

Furthermore, caught driving without a valid permit, one will have to pay Shs 100,000, a vehicle in bad condition a driver is to pay Shs 40,000, bodabodas riding without an helmet is to pay Shs 40,000 and driving excess speed, a driver will be charged Shs 200,000.

All this has been implemented to reduce on the number of people dying in Uganda on roads per year.

Meanwhile, taxi drivers in the old taxi park have requested the traffic police to give them more time to repair the seat belts in the taxis because most of them are worn out and they need to buy new ones.

John Kizza, a Special hire driver on Namirembe road in Kampala town said, the charges put on the drivers driving while on phone should be removed because drivers are also human beings who need to receive their customers who call them anytime. I don’t see any reason for police charge one over that,” he said.


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